Horses 2017 Minnesota Horse Expo #4 – Photos of the Day

A friend who is a horse enthusiast tells me horses are a specialty interest. For me horses are one of the animals that changed civilization. Americans are horse lovers. They are part of the legend of the Wild West. Horses were everywhere and helped build our nation. To this day, when speaking of car engines, car enthusiasts use the metaphor of “horse power”. Horses remain an important part of America life.

People in certain parts of the world eat horses. I remember going to the market in Holland and seeing a meat I had never seen before. The color was very deep red and thinly sliced. When I looked closely and realized what it was, I was shocked.

Horse Humor

The Friesian on the Right – Checking out the Competition

P1080487 (1)

Lusitano Horse – Minnesota Horse Expo 2017

MNHE Belgians

Belgian Horses – Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 – CKatt

P1080493 (1)

Spotted Horse Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 – CKatt

P1080494 (1)

Harlequin Spotted Horse Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 – CKatt

Belgian horse and cart

Belgian Cart Horse – Minnesota Horse Expo 2017

Paint Horse

Paint Horse Minnesota Horse Expo -2017

Norwegian Fjord

Norwegian Fjord Horse – Minnesota Horse Expo 2017

The Commanding Generals Color Guard is a ceremonial active duty unit at Fort Riley


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1871 Covered escort wagon

1871  Restored Supply Wagon with The Fort Riley Mounted Color Guard

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14 Responses to Horses 2017 Minnesota Horse Expo #4 – Photos of the Day

  1. Outstanding photos!! I thoroughly enjoyed. I love attending expos, and I am so excited to say I will be attending the World Equestrian Games in NC next year!! Now, I have to put this Minnesota event on my To Do list!

  2. anne leueen says:

    The spotted horse and foal ( an Appaloosa or a Knabstrupper? ) the Fjords, and that beautiful paint horse. And the mules of course. Wonderful! I would love to see all these horses. In my horse world the horses, including my own, are all Warmbloods. They are beautiful also but it is great to see all these others. thanks!

    • kunstkitchen says:

      The spotted horses are from the American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft line, which was created by two gentleman. Michael Hanna (Muir) bought an Appaloosa named Apache Double in the 1970s. He was the great grandson of Reigh Count, a Kentucky Derby winner, and maternal grandson of ApHCHall of Fame horse Apache. Muir bred Appaloosa race horses. He was also into draft horses. In 1973 he bought a Percheron, Charlie Degas in 1973. CD became the foundation horse for The Stonewall Sporthorse. It goes on from there about his breeding program with xing his appaloosa line and percheron. You can see the mare is large. Muir created spotted teams for driving.
      Everett Smith of Ohio saw Muir’s spotted team in a 1998 article. Everett Smith owned a carriage company, Sugarbush Hitch Company. Both men had the same idea. They wanted an elegant spotted driving horse. There are two registries these days. Sugarbush are 3/4 weight draft and the lighter 1/2 draft Stonewall horses people wanted them. The registries are split into American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft is in Virginia. The Stonewall Studbook is in California. Dedicated people have rebuilt the line with Everett’s permission using his original lines.
      Over the years of taking the photos, I notice that I really like spotted horses! 🙂 you might want to check out #1, #2, & #3 – Some nice looking Lusitanos to see.

      • anne leueen says:

        This is fascinating information. Thank you so much for taking the time to pass this on to me. I have a friend in England who breeds Knapstruppers ( also spotted) and he would love to know about this.

      • kunstkitchen says:

        There’s a beautiful small painting in The Hague in NL of a Knapstrupper done by Paulus Potter. I saw it years ago. It’s a small beautiful painting. I have a postcard. It inspires me.
        Glad to oblige! Warmbloods are so beautiful to watch.

  3. Such beauties! Thank you for the lovely pics! Especially the spotted foal caught my eye💕

  4. Wow great pics and thanks for this wonderful share did not know so much about the horses

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