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Chocolate Nut and Fruit Chunks = Chocoladebrokken – Candy Recipe

Remember Chunky “What a chunk of Chocolate!”? No? Here’s a recipe for something to serve with coffee that seems to be an approximation of a “Chunky”. It has all my favorite foods: chocolate, raisins, apricots and nuts. Continue reading

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Tart Queen Rising = Fresh Peach and Berry Tart Recipe –

There were fresh raspberries and blueberries at the market – locally grown – that cried out to be in a tart. What’s so great about a tart, you wonder? Continue reading

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Happy Birthday! = Have your cake and eat it too Day

The Happy Birthday Pavlova returns for the traditional “PAV” known in New Zealand celebrations! For the New Zealander Dad in the family.
All hail the Pavlova made with sugar, heavy whipped cream layered with toasted slivered almonds and honey drizzled on top.
Created and executed by physicist Chris with skill, imagination and his American flare for delicious cooking.
Once again he created a beautiful and scrumptious birthday dessert for everyone to Celebrate!
Thanks to all who made the evening so super!
Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.
Have a peaceful week.
Cheers! Continue reading

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Happy Birthday! What? Another Year…and Cake! Food Art…

Birthday Celebrations are important in some cultures. In America people have big parties for kids and adults – sometimes even surprise parties! In Holland the person celebrating their birthday gives the party. In Japan, everyone has January 1st as their birthday! Continue reading

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Fresh Pineapple Galette or What to do with a large Pineapple

There I was with this large fresh pineapple and no idea what to do with it. Continue reading

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