Meditation Among The Sunflowers – Lake Harriet Goldfinches = July 2020

Female Goldfinch in sunflowers – © CKatt 7-2-2020
Male Goldfinch Lake Harriet Rose Gardens – © CKatt 7-2-2020

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Are you done Done? Yup, I’m Done. Portrait Completed.

And the beat goes on…I’ve dug in and finished the portrait of Sataya the Pudelpointer!

A brief reflection: One day while teaching in a 4th grade art class one of my students came up to me and said she was finished with her art. For some reason I said to her, “Are you done Done?” She looked at me and nodded ‘yes’.

I’m smiling, but wait! 🤭 Did I just say are you done Done? Whoa…my student knew what I meant. Anyway, I notice that other people are using this doubled dialogue form lately. LOL.

Yup. I’m done Done!

Portrait of Sataya the Pudlepointer. CKatt 6-30-2020

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A Contemplative life = Can we please take a minute and breathe?

Calla Lily Ckatt 6-2020

Gun violence in Minneapolis has erupted in 48 hours 22 people were shot and 2 people died from their wounds. Police trying to give aid were pelted with objects.

This is beyond my understanding – mass shootings into cafe crowds, seventeen-year old teen shot and shoved out of a car and that was just the beginning. Pull on one thread and everything slowly unravels. Someone said that before.

“Police say 111 people have been shot in the four weeks since George Floyd was killed” by Paul Walsh – Retrieved from: Star and Tribune ~ 17 hours ago.

I read that “people” are moving out of the city to the country. No surprise there for me because even before all the protests and tragedy in Minneapolis and the rest of the country began, there was a longing in me to leave the crowded city for a more restful place.

A decay has set in from within our society. “The Late Great United States” is what I am observing around me. Looking within myself, I recognize that my patience is worn thin from the turmoil and divisiveness that is swirling around this country.

“Stop Children What’s That Sound” Buffalo Springfield

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Sunday Fun Day = The New Partner in the Barn – Puppy Dog loves her Horses

The adventures of Tezz, the Black German Shepherd, continue as she gets to know her horses. What a character! Fearless puppy loves her two pals. My friends’ puppy is thriving. The latest updates are here.

Tezz faces the world with enthusiasm and no fear. She loves her horses. This German Shepherd puppy pictured here is happily giving affection to her gentle Frisians, who accept her readily.

Tezz’s happy heart toward her family reminds me of the bond of trust that is often seen between animals. Love is simple.

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Tezz – Black German Shepherd Puppy © Wijmenga 6-2020
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Dieting and Microbiome Research – Mayo Clinic Results = Food a Better Way to Eat for Individual Health

Being food conscious can be a good thing, but means different things to different people. As recent research begins to reveal that individuals process foods differently, there is hope for lowering blood sugar without sacrificing every food in certain categories.

An Article from New Science tells about customizing diets for individuals based on how foods are digested and the changes in blood sugar.

A study published Feb. 8,  2019 in the Journal of the American Medical Association bolsters a still-emerging area in diet science that suggests the best way to manage nutritional health is to build personalized diets.” ~ Retrieved June 17, 2020 New Science; Chase Purdy

Instead of approaching a ‘diet” with one size fits all plan, individualized plans for diet based on a person’s gut biome can make a difference in a persons health. This study was designed to look at diabetes and blood sugar. “Personalized” plans can make a difference in a diet to reduce blood sugar.

“It’s a dieting method that treats each human body less as a template, and more as a highly unique ecosystem. Ultimately, it suggests there is no one-size-fits-all diet.” ~ Retrieved June 17, 2020 New Science; Chase Purdy

Since diabetes is one of the biggest health problems in the United States, this article is relevant at this time. The article mentions that the Nestle company, the largest international food conglomerate in the world, is testing “personalized” dieting in Japan with the idea of seeing food as pharma”. This vision of food echos in a round-about-way the saying, “You are what you eat.”

If you are interested in reading the short article, please click the link above.

With the isolation during Covid-19 there have been craving phases for chocolate, carbs of any kind, and gummie candies for me! What are you craving??

You are what you eat – summer vegetables from the Farmers’ Market

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