Sweet – Weekly Photo Challenge = Cafe

cookie hearts cafe a lac'art Tucson Museum

Cafe a la C’art Heart Cookies Ckatt 2018

These cookies were among the wildly delicious looking baked goods seen at the Tucson Museum of Art’s Cafe a la C’art. More about that later.

Something sweet to remind me of love and innocence for the weekly photo challenge.

Tucson Arizona Tucson Museum of Art – Cafe a la C’art

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Arizona The Purse Collection Visit – with Collies

The purse museum is an online collection that we had the privilege to visit and photograph the collection and learn about beads form other eras. The hanks of beads in the lower left photo are 100 years old.  It was an extensive collection of which we only saw a portion.  There were purses from all over the world. Beaded purse collectors are another subculture that I knew nothing about until then.

To my delight we were greeted by these special guys, after some appropriate woo- wooing announcing our arrival, I immediately lowered myself to dog level. My reward? I was showered with sloppy kisses. Made my day. It takes so little to make me happy. Merle Collie male and sable female 8 years and 7 years old respectively. Later I was able tot talk to the owners about collies and learned more of their history. Fun!

Bead Adventures made this visit and lecture possible for our small group. Doris, our fearless leader, provided us with a good experience of Tucson’s Bead and Mineral shows. Five days of nonstop shows, insider access and stories. All in all it was dazzling, glittering and inspiring.


Sunset View from the Tucson Foothills

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Vacation Ends – Not the story

Classic car in Tubac Arizona seen at art fest.

Shop in Tubac, which is a very artsy town.

I’ll miss the views and taking photos from inside an auto speeding down the highway.

Tucson art museum was a treat for me. A small but fascinating museum in downtown Tucson. Here are some samples.Carved and painted folk art.

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I’ll be back in the snow and cold again soon.

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Southern Arizona Hwy 19 View

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Hwy 19 heading south

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