Give Thanks = Reflection on Gratitude – Thanksgiving Day

From “Appreciate Your Life” Hykuyu Taizen Maezumi

“I want you to appreciate your own life, too. Every moment, right now, is nothing other than us, our practice, our life, our realization, our manifestation! Refresh it each moment! Having such a practice not only benefits you and gives you joy, it also inspires others. And vice versa, too. When you live this way, your life will become very different and you will not complain about things. You will become more tolerant and generous. if anything does not go well, you will see this I as the responsible person. You will see the other shore as your life this very moment. So regardless of the situation, when you close the gap you can take any situation as the Buddha’s life and manage it well.” Retrieved 11-24-22

From “Appreciate Your Life,” by Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi. Edited by Wendy Egyoku Nakao and Eve Myonen Marko. Available from Shambhala Publications. ©2001 by The White Plum Sangha

This excerpt from the book “Appreciate Your Life” tells us to be present in each moment and close the gap between who we think we are and who we are in our daily life. The message for me reminds me to Live now. The future, or the other shore, is here in each moment.

When I think about life, I now know that when I can engage in each moment and each day, life blossoms inside and outside all at once.

Loving Kindness and Peace to you all.

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Autumn Views = Bee Speak – In The Waning Days

Autumn Lyndale Gardens CKatt 10-2022
Forgiveness CKatt Lyndale Gardens Minneapolis MN
Autumn in Minneapolis Public Gardens
Bees seeking the last of the pollen.
Red Roses survived the freeze. CKatt 10-2022

It’s autumn. The breeze rattles the dry leaves. Bees seeking the last of the pollen buzz around me. One comes to my face and body. She comes to each of my ears buzzing an urgent message.

I know she means no harm by her nearness. Her buzzing melody comes in phrases. Her tone is warm and steady. Her sounding stays with me.

A bee spoke to me. It was a comfort in the waning Autumn days.

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Take care of your life.



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Snow, Cold Temps = Mother Nature’s Early Winter – Rose Cure – Enjoy the Views

Over the weekend there was snow that covered everything, but melted.

As a result of early winter morning temps are below freezing. Garden plants need covers overnight. The mum plants and other fall plantings can be saved. It’s a another reminder to me to prep for what’s coming – mentally and physically, that is. I pull-up the covers and think of constructive things to get on and off my list.

The snow will come…no matter what I think or do. I look out and see there are plenty of leaves on the trees yet. The days are going to warm up later this weekend. A reprieve!

I hope to get back to the rose garden and see what survived the cold snap. Always surprising. Here are more views from October 2, 2022, which was just 16 days ago.

Monarch Butterfly CKatt 10-2-2022

Top To bottom names:

  • Easy on the Eyes is a Hybridyzer: Carruth; Year 2017

Color: Mauve; Fragrance: Moderate; Height 4-5″; Disease: Resistant

Zone: 4a-10a

The flowers fade to lavender and purple. Quite mysterious to see.

  • Lena is a shrub that grows profusely every year! It’s glorious and reminds me of old fashioned roses or heritage roses.
  • Monarch Butterfly, whose existence is threatened because of loss of habitat along it’s migration route from Mexico. I rarely see them anymore. There used to be plenty of them. As more land is consumed by human design, the wild flower habitats are lost, this loss is true for the birds and their habitats as well.
  • I watched a program about re-greening cities, which was heartening. Minneapolis has many parks, lakes, and greenery. People here appreciate all of this nature. All the seasons create the cycle that makes living here possible. Be grateful. Be happy is another reminder.

Fall Flowers © CKatt 10-2-2022

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Chilhuly Tree Rose = Inspired by Glass Art – October Rose

The name of this Chilhuly rose may be inspired by the famous glass artist Dale Chilhuly, whose work I was able to see at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It was a splendid show. In the Entry way to the MIA there is a glorious large yellow hanging Chilhuly piece of glass called Sunburst.

Blown Glass is one of the discipline’s that requires huge ovens to make glass work, along with fine skills of speed and accuracy in the execution of a piece of glass. Having watched glass making in my student days, I was completely taken with the skills and artistry that it takes to execute a piece of glass work.

Chilhuley Tree Rose with bird’s nest © CKatt 10-2-22
October Chilhuly Tree Rose © CKatt 10-2-22

This year, October weather is mild as the Midwest has had little rain. The roses are still blooming in the Lyndale Lake Harriet Garden in Minneapolis.

On this day I was taking photos, but stopped and walked and sat to just soak up the flowers colors and beauty. Many people were admiring them. This unusual weather is a reprieve from our usual Autumn temperatures.

However today the temps are cooler with this trend of falling temps to continue for the foreseeable future, which makes me slightly wistful for the warmer days we are lucky to enjoy this October. Fall colors are seen more and more. The change is slower this year, but no less beautiful.

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Chilhuly Weeks Roses Pat.# 15076
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A Big World View = The Small World View – How the Bees See?

A tiny bee approaching a white zinna © CKatt 8-21-22

Macro focus view of a tiny bee going in for a landing on a Profusion White Zinnia flower made me think a bit about the Big World View and The Small World view.

A little inspiration for thinking about the vastness of the bees’ world of flowers and making honey. The bee world may be limited to a garden or field, but when we zoom in on this fascinating cycle of nature, the perspective changes.

Here’s something I may pass by without noticing, The tiny bee’s wings are a blur in my photo. Headed for the pollen center like a dive bomber, caught in the frame, the bees smallness versus the large flower is astonishing,

Macrocosms and Microcosms here it is. I am a small bee gathering pollen from a white flower. I’ll make honey to feed other bees and the bee world will continue.

In turn the beautiful flower is pollinated and makes seeds to continue on its species. I wonder does the bee know that without this activity, this world of plants that feed the world would not exist?

I wonder does the bee, which works tirelessly for other and that lives within interdependent origination, does the bee know that “Everything is connected”?

I wonder, if more humans could see this beautiful connection would the world become more peaceful or united?

Profusion White Zinnia blossom – © Ckatt 8-21-22

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Have a good day wherever you may find your self.


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