Wordless Wednesday – April 17 2019 — The Green Horseman – simple wisdom

via Wordless Wednesday – April 17 2019 — The Green Horseman

Thought for the Day…from a horse blog that I follow. Just the  bit of inspiration that I need…

Reflecting on being in the moment and letting go of my anger about so many “things” to find compassion in the day, this reminder photo and wise words seems to make a difference for me to have a better day.

Thanks  for stopping by my kitchen.

Have a peaceful day wherever you may find yourself.

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Notre Dame Cathedral – A World Heritage Monument = A small tribute

How shocking to see the cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris France in flames yesterday.  Notre Dame, a world heritage site, stands as a monument for the Catholic faith, the seat of the Archbishop of Paris, and the history of the French people. Yesterday’s devastating fire was watched by the citizens of Paris and the world.

I was fortunate to have been in Notre Dame in the 1980s and heard the most wonderful organ music I have ever heard in my life. The sound was astounding. The organist’s skills were beyond mastery, they were inspired. I stood still and felt the power of the music go through me.

The Rose window was jewel-like with such colors that I immediately understood why it stood as a symbol of faith. This was the window I had only seen in my art history classes and in books. I was stunned by the color and patterns and kept thinking, I am really here in front of the Rose window.

Another high point of the visit to Notre Dame was yet to unfold. A wedding was taking place! A lovely French bride dressed in white satin with her handsome husband were about to be married. I couldn’t believe my luck as to be a witness to this solemn and beautiful formal ceremony. Who could imagine that day would be one of my fondest memories of Notre Dame?

To the citizens of Paris and your beautiful cathedral, I mourn with you.

NotreDame de Paris ckatt 2006-1A.jpg

A tribute to the grandeur of Notre Dame Paris a view from the river Seine – CKatt 2019

Thanks for the memories.

To one and all, please be kind and share thoughts of hope and renewal for today.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.


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Candy Shop = “The best Candy Store in the Netherlands”

A day in Edam the Netherlands was a treat. Not only is Edam a very picturesque town, but according to my tour guide, Edam has the best “Snoepwinkel” (candy store) in the Netherlands.  Jos, who grew up in Edam is my dear niece Sabina’s husband. Jos was enthusiastic about taking me to his hometown for a tour. The weather was perfect. Sabina suggested that we stop at “The Best Candy Shop in all of the Netherlands.”  for ‘drop’* (Licorice).

Edam canal CKatt 2019

Welcome to Edam Netherlands Ckatt 2019

Edam Candy Store 2 Ckatt 2019_1722

‘T Snoepwinkeltje en Chocolaterie  Brand name chocolate disks 2019



Edam Candy Store CKatt 2019_1721

‘T Snoepwinkeltje, Edam en Chocolaterie Shamrock Candies 2019

Edam Candy Store 5 Ckatt 2019_1725

Tony’s Chocolonely Edam ‘T Soepwinkeltjeen Chocolaterie Edam Netherlands 2019

Tony Chocolony’s chocolate was recommended to me by Sabina. Not only is it terrific chocolate in a variety of flavors, but this chocolate is also fair trade and made without child slaves. (Yes, you read that right.) Sadly I saw a film about African countries where children are enslaved to be used in various “jobs”. Tony Chocolonely’s chocolate is very good to eat. I checked it out and found that it can be purchased near me in Minneapolis.

Edam Candy Store 4 CKatt 2019 _1724

Handmade Chocolates in ‘T Snoepwinkeltje en Chocolaterie, Edam Netherlands 2019

Edam Candy Store 3_1723

Serious Candy store ‘T Snoepwinkeltje, en Chocolaterie 2019 Edam Netherlands

Edam Candy Store 7 Ckatt 2019_1728

Easter Candy in the ‘T Snoepwinkeltje en Chocolaterie 2019 Edam Netherlands

Edam Candy Store 6 Ckatt 2016_1727

Easter Eggs  in the ‘T Snoepwinkeltje en Chocolaterie 2019 Edam Netherlands

This candy store in Edam is owned by a family and as you can see this is where food becomes art in their hands. Some of the flavors of the Easter eggs from left to right are raspberry, Amarena cherry, passion fruit, Speculaas (the flavor of a dutch cookie – yummy) strawberry, mint. And! There are more chocolates right behind those in the front row of chocolates.

Jos Kaminga Edam Snoepwinkel 2019

In the ‘T Snoepwinkeltje en Chocolaterie Edam By Jos Kamminga 2019 

Jos Kamminga Edam Snoepwinkeltje 2019.jpg

Yours truly (left) and Sabina talking to the Winkel (Store) Owner in the ‘T Snoepwinkeltje en Chocolaterie Edam 2019

Enough of a sugar rush? The two last photos were courtesy of Jos, Sabina’s husband. He’s a really tall person. His bird’s-eye view gives a more dimensional or bigger view of the atmosphere of this wonderful candy store in Edam, the Netherlands.

*Drop are a licorice that the Dutch are known to consume in mass quantities. However, much of it is salty not sweet with a hard bite and a stronger flavor than I was used to eating. Not a favorite of mine.

I did not buy chocolates even though I wanted to take some goodies home to all the chocolate lovers because… the chocolates would have never made it home! (Ah, Temptation.)

So if you are ever in Holland…go to the town of Edam, maybe?  There will be more about my tour of this perfectly picturesque town.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Have a healthy and happy day.



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A New Day – Travel Awakening = Edam NL Tour Continued

It was spring in Edam the day that Sabina and Jos took me on a tour of the town where Jos grew up. sunny and pleasant we wandered around town. We came upon Jos’ uncle, a very sweet man, who said, “You’re welcome” with such a pleasant welcoming smile, that I was completely charmed by his greeting. we stopped at a local hotel restaurant for lunch. I had a ham sandwich with mustard sauce. The L’Auberge Damhotel Edam cafe’s architecture consisted of dark paneled walls with large windows. The dining room was stately and filled with old world atmosphere. It was a respite from snow to walk in the sun of spring.

Here are some sights from our walk.



Snow Storm in February Twin Cities Minnesota 2019 Ckatt

It was winter at home, when I  left Minneapolis in February to travel to Europe.

It is April 10, 2019. Spring has tried to make an appearance in the city.  But today we are expecting snow this evening for the next two days. Plans are cancelled to meet friends as winter comes once again to remind us that the planet’s climate is changing. The people living west of the Twin Cities in Minnesota and South Dakota may get as much as twenty inches of snow. Blizzard conditions… we expect six inches of snow, maybe some rain mixed in to make roads icy.

It’s a way  of life.

Enjoy spring!

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.


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Keeping It Short & Sweet Friday – A Bakery in Hoorn – The Netherlands

Friday is a good day to share some pics from my travels, which included a short stay in the Netherlands with family. It was a whirlwind trip packed into two and a half days! First stop Hoorn NL. Bakeries are one of my favorite places to take photos.  Here’s 3 shots from a bakery where we bought apple strudel, five pieces and macrons. I have a lavender one. We had guests “by the coffee” that morning. Lots of talking about dogs and boats and aspirational trips by sea. Very fun and pleasant to visit with old friends and relations.

Bakery3 Apple Strudel in Hoorn NL Ckatt 2-27-19

Apple Strudel – we took five of them! Bakery in Hoorn NL

Bakery2 in Macarons Hoorn NL Ckatt 2-27-19

Macarons from the Bakery in Hoorn NL

Bakery in Hoorn NL Ckatt 2-27-19

Carrot Cake (left) Toffee Cake and possibly Brownie/cake? Oh next time… I’ll try these.

*Sigh* such a tasty memory!

The rain came on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There was a river flowing by my door and at the corner on the sidewalks. The mounds of recent snow blocked the street drains. The white world has retreated and warmer days are predicted in the next weeks. We may have a real spring. The sun us shining!

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen!

May your day be peaceful wherever you find yourself.

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