April Mind Travels 2 = Photos from North Carolina, Oregon, Curacao, Germany and Minneapolis – Finding Healing Through Nature

Thanks to my friends and family you can see the variety of climates during April in various places. Once again, I travel through photography from near and far.

April for me has had a continuous flow of technical challenges. Vacuum cleaner died. Hot water flow was blocked in the kitchen sink. Computer issues are solved thanks to friends with patience like Louis Teerlinck!

I am ever grateful to everyone who sends me these fun photos to share.

There’s lots of love from me to them and back again. April’s weather in the Northland this year is gray, rainy and gray again. These photos were a smile break during the month of April. Enjoy!

Alan and Beth sent me these photos on the same day! It was cold in both places! time for a nap!

Blue catnapping by the fireplace by Beth Juliar 4-22-21
“Cat-napped” by Alan Halm – 4-22-2021 Oregon

Curacao is known as a birder’s paradise, by the way. While we who live in the more northern parts of the world are edging towards spring, Curacao enjoys a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

Miniature Sheep in the Snow by Sandra in Germany April 4-2021
First Tulip Minneapolis in Alicia and Louis Teerlincks’ Garden 4-21-21

Louis and Alicia bought their first house last fall. That gave me an opportunity to give them tulips for their new yard.

Lake of the Isles April 25-21 by CKatt

I drove by Lake of the Isles and trees were blooming and runners are running. But not many people were out yesterday. Sunday April 25th – It snowed for five minutes about an hour before this photo was taken!

Wait ’til… the sun is supposed to appear again! Maybe Thursday! Today is Monday. Well that’s something – only a few days.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Take time to enjoy the outdoors wherever and whenever you can.


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Apples = Still Life – Memories of Friday Market in Leeuwarden

Fridays on the market square called Wilhelminaplein in Leeuwarden is the large food market of Friesland in the Netherlands. It’s been a long time since I went to this outdoor market. I would meet my dear friend Yvette, whom I met at the Friesland College Dutch class. At the college I wrestled with learning Dutch for four years and made friends with other woman from around the world.

The market was always fun. There were the different food stalls where I would buy the delicious Dutch cheese, fruits and vegetables. Afterward Yvette and I would go to have coffee and walk around the main square.

This was a time when the colors of the market fruits really appealed to me. The colors seemed more vivid and enticing. They were inspirational. As a result I made a few still life paintings. These apples were enormous in size in comparison to the apples I knew from the USA. The apples were delicious too.

The Lyndale Market is open in Minneapolis every other weekend in April. I hope to go soon. Yesterday we had cold winds and a little snow yesterday. A nice woman from Australia asked me how long spring is here in the Northland. “Wait a minute, and I’ll let you know.” The cold weather makes me nostalgic for fair weather and better days.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Have a good day wherever you are.


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Mind Traveling = Signs of Spring – Minneapolis

To anyone living to the south of Minnesota, you are probably already experiencing the signs of spring flowers. People from different parts of the world contributed to these photos. I saw snow drops yesterday!

The signs of spring from March and April.

Top Right: My niece Sabina’s new chickens in their garden in North Holland.

Top left: Alicia’s garden Tulips make an appearance Minneapolis; right below this are two foster puppies from my niece Suzanne. Right below this: Two Mallard ducks swimming at the edges of the ice at Lake of the Isles in March.

On the right is a sun dial at Lake Harriet Park in Minneapolis. Below that are two photos from April 3, 2021 at the Rose Garden at Lake Harriet. A picture of people enjoying a day in the sun near the Rose garden also April 3, 2021. A robin from mid-March in the same location.

Lastly, to the left, is a view of downtown Minneapolis from the southeast end of Lake of the Isles in early March.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen

Celebrate Spring’s return.


Snow Drops April 3, 2021 CKatt Lake Harriet Rose Garden

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Shetland Sheepdog Portrait = Piper’s Portrait in Pastel

This piece of artwork of Piper, a Shetland Sheepdog was a commemorative portrait. The photo I had to work from was very distorted with pixelated smears. It took much longer than expected to intuit the missing details. I looked at other photos and asked the owner which one looked like her.  Fortunately, there was a picture that assisted me in her facial mask.

Rembrandt Pastel chalk was used for this dog portrait over a pastel pencil layout on BFK Reeves 100% rag paper. Working with pastel on a dog portrait allows a layering that gives some depth and dimension to the beautiful, luxuriant coat of Piper the Shetland Sheepdog.

Piper’s Portrait ~ Shetland Sheepdog – 3-7-21

It was a challenge and a pleasure to finally complete this dog portrait for a long time friend, Canadian poet, Ted Dyck. When Ted wrote me in December about the effect of the pandemic on his life, his words inspired me to format his message to me in a visual poem. He begins with his daily trip to the local cafe for ice cream.

— Ted Dyck, PhD
Publisher, WorDoctor Press

Visualized and edited here by CK

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen

Have a good week wherever you may be.


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Now where was I? It’s just the weather, or the full moon…More technical problems.

Another day in the life…or how come this is happening? We left the story two weeks before this week with some pipes bursting, gas stove sputtering and thinking that everything would be fixed.

That same evening the hot water heater stopped working, when I turned on the faucet the water was icy cold. It seemed to me that at that moment “to throw away the lead” (a bridge card game ploy) and leave it until the next day.

Bright and early the next morning a text arrived from the building owner, the other tenant had no water. Do I have water? Well yes, I have water, but no hot water.

Some days later, the news was not good. A new water heater was needed. (Yes, people you read me correctly.) Saturday the old heater was fired up one more time. Quick to the shower! The hot water was brief. Monday the new heater was installed. (Fantastic! But no.) Ha! There’s only a dribble of water coming out of the tub faucet.

Texting begins: the faucet in the tub is not working. Sent with video and another video view by request.

Oh and! the Gas repair for Monday was put off until Wednesday…there were too many people in line for gas services. (Recap: I have no stove/oven and working with a hot plate. Okay, Wednesday)

(What? you are kidding me.)


Wednesday was a big day. The plumber, a nice guy, with old dude sidekick, showed up and decided to replace the faucet in the bath. It works! In the afternoon, the gas repair person took a look at the stove and said he had to look through the database to see if there were parts to the old girl. It was a vintage Sunray stove.

After some time, the owner and the repair guy returned after shutting the gas off in the basement. He said the stove would have to be replaced. There were no replacement parts. He said he loved these old stoves. They are better than the new ones. The stove was from 1940. Bye. bye old friend.

It’s tax season, ugh. Enough said.


Here’s a couple of Photos from last week from Lake of the Isles.

Evening Winter Glow – © CKatt 2-2021
Evening Winter Glow – © CKatt 2-2021
Evening Winter Glow – © CKatt 2-2021
Evening Winter Glow – © CKatt 2-2021

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen!

Stay safe.


The weather is sunny and warm this week! Smile.

Evening Winter Glow – © CKatt 2-2021
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