Eat Street Social Restaurant- Takes the Cake – Celebrate – Recipe for chocolate cake with olive oil.

I went to Eat Street Social restaurant in Minneapolis on September 19th. It was a nice enough day where the sun shone and the breezes were light – perfect for their terrace in back. For a celebration it was a very pleasant place. I was with two women friends; one was my friend who had just completed her chemotherapy treatment that afternoon. We celebrated!

The staff were really attentive and cordial. The food was very much to my liking. I had the lamb sandwich on a pretzel bun with shoestring fries. The lamb was tender and perfectly cooked. Shoestring fries were light and delicious.

Everyone else enjoyed their salad, wine, and fish sandwich. I had beer.  At the finish, when they asked if we wanted dessert, I asked for the dessert menu. There was a feeling that dessert was not wanted, but when I saw chocolate cake made with olive oil with “salted caramel semifreddo, hazelnut praline, orange creme anglaise”on the menu, I had to try it. “Let’s split it!” I said.

The dessert of chocolate cake made with olive oil, instead of butter, was beautifully presented and heaven to share. Sorry I don’t have pictures, but it is on the menu.


After that experience, I was truly inspired I made a chocolate cake with olive oil for a birthday gift.  Chocolate Cake with Olive Oil Recipe from was an easy recipe to follow. There are scads of recipes for chocolate cake with olive oil.

5 tbsp boiling  water

1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

Chocolate olive oil Cake

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

2 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup granulated sugar
large eggs
2/3 cup olive oil
For the instructions please click the link above. 
Calories 334
Protein 4 g
Carbohydrates 36 g
Fat 20 g
Fibre 1 g
Sodium 175 mg


Notes: This was the easiest recipe I could find and was the least intimidating recipe too. Cake making is not my strong point.  Here’s the results. I never got to taste it, but one of the friends who received it, confessed to having eaten half of the cake. Their son ate all the dots of icing of the top. The theme was trees for my friends who love camping.

Have a good day wherever you might be.

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Boxed Chocolate olive oil Cake

I am bringing this recipe to  Fiesta Friday #193. Cohosts this week are Suzanne @ apuginthekitchen and Ginger @ Ginger and Bread.

Many thanks to Angie and the cohosts along with all the gracious cooks who join this international gathering at Fiesta Friday!

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Scale – Weekly Photo Challenge –


Minnesota State Fair horses 2017

Draft Horse Competition Minnesota State Fair 2017 CKatt

The magnificent Percheron Horses were part of the Coach and Six competition at the Minnesota State Fair 2017, which takes place in the city of St Paul. For today’s challenge of scale, this photo shows the scale of the Percherons’ size not only to the crowd, but also to the mounted police horse and rider to the left. These beautiful giant horses make people stop in awe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the opposite side of “scale” are these small city dwellers who appear with the seasons.  The squirrels who nest in the big trees, flowers, bees and butterflies remind me of their life cycle that however brief, is a part of a whole that sustains our lives.

Have a pleasant day.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Pedestrian


For the weekly photo challenge, I chose a recent photo from the Minnesota State Fair competition for Draft horses  – Wagon and Six – with two people on board the wagon. This was a major competition, which was a lead up to the National competition in October in Massachusetts for Draft horses.

See how the pedestrians are enjoying the spectacle.

Percheron coach and 6 2017

Minnesota State Fair 2017 Draft Horse Competition Percherons © CKatt 2017  

The first thing to notice is the comparative size of the horses to the pedestrians!  Even though the weather was overcast the horses coats, hooves and harnesses were shining.

They are a thrill to see in action. You can see the smiles and admiration on peoples faces as these big beauties pass by.

Have a good day wherever you are.

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Cancer = Speaking of Food and Health – Thoughts

These are some general thoughts that grew from my personal experience and studies.

Most recently a long time woman friend needed my support for her chemotherapy treatments. Around the time of her diagnosis, my former work colleagues got together for a meal. We try to do this every quarter.

One woman is a breast cancer survivor and one has heart disease. It was sad to hear about other people we worked who also had breast cancer. Another woman colleague had passed away suddenly. The subject was cancer and it was the first time our group of five women had talked about cancer and diet. I listened for a while to opinions and ideas.

The conversation around food as the cause of cancer is a circular proposition, in the way that one diet over another is touted as the “Best” in endless blogs, television shows and websites, with health professionals of all ranks and beliefs placing an emphasis on their healthy diet. Having read many articles and “science” recommendations from the many sides of the food culture, there are more contradictions than consensus about what to eat or not to eat. The information is confusing.

After writing about slow food for the past seven years, I believe that food can make you sick or well. When people have too much or too little food and poor diet, the consequences become all too apparent. One example of too little food and poor nutrition is that it is a well known fact that the lack of proper nutrition in the early years of a child’s life causes impaired growth and brain development. The American epidemic of obesity, a living example in of how too much food and poor nutrition, raises the rate of diabetes in the United States as a commonplace disease in the population in children and adults.

As I listened to my friends, I shared a more global idea about cancer and its causes. “It’s environmentally caused and not just by food.”

Chemical agents from insecticides to industrial air pollution are destroying our environment. The chemicals are in our water, air and food supply. Radiation from above ground nuclear testing in the 1940s and 1950s and 1970s released radiation that is in the bodies of anyone alive in that era according to Dr. Helen Caldicott, Australian Physician and anti-nuclear activist. (Information from an interview I heard with Dr. Caldicott.) Most recently there was the Fukushima Nuclear disaster in 2011 of Japan to factor into the world wide effects on the environment.

While the international community bands together to set goals to reduce harmful chemical and nuclear agents, including nuclear arms from use, American leadership denies the existence of climate change and pursues a backward path of raiding our national parks for mineral, oil, timber and gas exploration rather than support new technologies of wind and solar.

In a complete reversal of the peoples’ will to move to more efficient and safer forms of energy production, the leadership is on a path of destroying the environmental protection laws that are in place and the governmental agency of the United States, The Environmental Protection Agency, that was established to protect the peoples’ health. As the ultimate slap to the American environmental movement, the removal of the American support and cooperation for a cleaner environment from the international agreement has far reaching economic and health consequences.

Cancer statistics: “Cancer has a major impact on society in the United States and across the world.”

In 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease.” ~

What can I do? I make it a practice to be informed and to write my representatives on issues that I care about. An email or a phone call to simply say what I support is all that is needed. Adding in a thank you for the work that the representative does gives me a chance to say something positive.

“We are all in this together.” ~ Red Green Show CBC TV

Remember that you are the will of the people.

Have a peaceful day.

Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake Early Morning  CKatt 2017

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Layered


For the Weekly photo challenge a photo of a sailboat in the fog off a rocky coast in Maine is my offering of an interpretation of layered. There are small sea birds that appear as dots in the water, which is a surprise!  I like the photo for its otherworldly quality in how the horizon disappeared. The boat is almost ghostly.


Sailing into the fog – CKatt 2017

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Have a peaceful day wherever you may be.


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