Weekly Photo Challenge – It’s Easy Being Green – Minneapolis Farmers’ Market Opens April 15

It IS Easy Being Green!

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Being a devotee of the Farmers’ Market in Minneapolis my idea of “Being Green” is about buying local at the markets whenever possible. Fresh foods really make a difference to the flavor of a meal.

Winter Market: 


1 st –9am-12pm

8 th – 9am-12pm

Spring is coming to the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market Details here:

“The Market will begin its traditional weekend day (Saturday and Sunday) schedule on April 15 th (So April 15 & 16, 22 & 23, 29 & 30). Beginning May 1, the Lyndale Market will be open daily! The Downtown, Government Center Market will open on May 4.”

Something to look forward to….Yahoo!

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Peace to you wherever you may be.

I’ll be dropping by Fiesta Friday #164 to meet up with the gang to see what culinary delights they have whipped up. Thanks Angie and Julie for the link up.The solo cohost this week is Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook



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Happy Wearing of The Green Day! = Chocolate Cake – Very Easy

I’ll be bringing this cake to Fiesta Friday #163! Join Angie our founder and leader. Join the party!
Recipe for Chocolate Cake – One Pan Wonder Cake
From the Kitchen Kompanion by Nell Veenstra – Recipes by the Lansing Michigan Ladies Christian Fellowship of the Lansing Christian Reformed Church. Year unknown.
1-1/2 Cup flour
1 – Cup sugar
6 Tablespoons of cooking oil – canola has no after taste
5 Tablespoons of cocoa
1 Tablespoon of vinegar
1 Teaspoon of baking soda
1 Cup of cold water
1-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
Mix flour and sugar together in an 8″ X  8″ X 2″ pan. (Metric  20 x 20 x 5 cm) Make wells with a a tablespoon in the mixture. Separately mix cooking oil, cocoa, vinegar and soda together and pour over mixture in the pan. Mix well with a fork. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
Remove from oven. Let cool in the  pan. I used a glass pan. Then turned the pan over and the cake slide out easily. I dusted the cake with powdered sugar while it was still a little warm, which gave it a shinny glaze. This is a moist cake. Nice for a treat.
Serve with a dollop of Cherry Chocolate Chunk ice cream and some chocolate syrup drizzled on top. 


CKatt March 2017

Thought for the Day
The Infinite Light of Love
There are humans
Who carry a bowl
Of love through their lives,
It overflows to those around them,
Giving off sparks
Igniting the cold coals,
To restart a glowing ember,
For those who have lost their heart,
To remember,
That love is an infinite light
to share with the world.
CKatt March 17, 2017
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Happy Wearing of the Green Day! ♥♣
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Atop – Weekly Photo Challenge – Paris View From Eiffel Tower


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These are my photos from Paris from the Eiffel Tower 2006 taken with a small Olympus wide angle lens film camera. The day was overcast.  This cloudy canopy gave my photos an ethereal light.

We waited in line to ascend for an hour. It was worth it! What a view from the Eiffel Tower! It was exhilarating to be so high in the sky. As always, I am fascinated by architecture and vistas…Paris view photos – a nice memory!

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Have a tip top day!

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Wish – International Women’s Day – Remember Women

Wish Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women's Day

Enjoy a bouquet on International Women’s Day!

I always think about my friend Yvette, who introduced me to celebrating this day.  Yvette passed away at a young age from cancer.  She was one of the many remarkable women I think of on this day.

My wish is for women everywhere to be safe, have access to health care, education, clean, drinking water, a living wage equal to men and most of all to live in a world without wars.

“Seventy-five percent of the world’s work is done by women for no pay.”

Remembering all the women, who have gone before and may not be with us anymore, I share this poem to mark the loss of my mother.

Passing On

Your pale blue eyes closed and returned to the starry sky.

The beautiful songs we sang together will not be sung again on earth.

Your dance of life was danced on stage and in people’s hearts.

Smiling and beguiling you put on a brave face

For every loss or sorrow was borne with dignity and grace.

This last fight you shed only one tear and the words were softly spoken and so clear, “I can’t go. I have too much to do.”

You looked at me and began to sing “I’ll Be Seeing You” in muted tones as your voice was leaving too.

I touched your pale white brow and with a kiss said goodbye.

A daughter’s love I left behind holding only the sweet memories

Of the voice that was heaven’s gift;

That called my name and sang the Irish Lullaby.

CKatt March 2012

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May you have a joyful day wherever you are.



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Weekly Photo Challenge – A Good Match

A Good Match – Weekly photo Challenge



A small humming bird

Alights upon the tip of a frond

Early morning visitation

Momentary stillness

A weightless, tiny creature

points the way.


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