Winter Shoot = Snows Arrive -Photography

Winter Shoot

Snow came overnight,

After many grey days,

White fluff clings to branches

Surprises the last clinging leaves

of decorative trees.


Through the window

The peaceful scene

begins to compose.


Donning a warm sweater, jacket,

hat, gloves and grabbing the camera,

I leave the warmth,

For the handmade winter

Beckons me

To the city park a block away.


It’s colder than expected.

I have forgotten my scarf.

Excitement pushes me forward.


This is a light, wet snow – couple of inches.

It clings to the evergreens artfully.

I take off a glove to begin to shoot

The park benches are empty, but not forlorn.

Their flirty colors still show, like a colorful petticoat

under the snow.


The misty, grey sky washes out the world,

Of the footpaths, the trees, and snow.

As I reach a small rise

Another human appears, a silhouette

in a parka and heavy boots,

Holding a very still pose

that I recognize and, from a distance,

a vague shape of a camera.

She moves among the trees, but gives up

And leaves because of the cold.


I wander toward the tall trees

Where a few birds perch

on the very top branches.


Zoom in for a shot and the camera stops…

The cold that nips my ungloved hand

Is slowing the camera down.

Some larger birds arrive.

The glove goes back on

I clasp the small camera between my hands

Watching and waiting –

me and the birds.


Once more zoom in and click, click.

They fly off…

When suddenly two large flocks of birds descend

And a chorus of song arises in the treetops –

A choir of joy!


For the finale, as one, the hundreds take flight

In a graceful curve, they head away from me

Then swoop back in an S-curve,

over the spot where I stand


I watch, shooting forgotten,

Not separate from flight by a lens

My spirit rises.


(I am sorry that I cannot share the video of the birds’ song on my blog.)

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

So many people have stopped by to find a recipe or see my photos and read my poems this year. You give me the worlds that I would never see or know. With a grateful heart I wish you a happy season wherever you may be.


The birds begin to gather together and sing

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Magic – Weekly Photo Challenge – Big Love!

MAGIC – The Weekly Photo Challenge – BIG LOVE

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To my friends: Being a Wife, Mom, Student and Employee is a huge commitment. These little moments show the Magic between a Mom and her child.  Even with all the responsibility they have, women are strong, loving, dynamic individuals. We deserve to show all women respect and recognition for the many roles they take on in life.

To all the women: Be gentle with yourselves. To all the men: Be gentle with yourselves.

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To Everyone: Be gentle with one another. One smile can cure many ills.


Big Love – CKatt 11-21-2016

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Have a good day wherever you are.


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“Tiny” Weekly Photo Challenge – The Neighborhood Sentinel

Tiny This weeks photo challenge is the theme “Tiny”.


Spring brings

A tiny sentinel

surveying his realm.

In the sky

He is free.

A small creature

with bones

so light

He can fly!


Happy Weekend wherever you are!

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.



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Hope Faith Trust – Be Strong – Carry On – Share the Love


My friend Charlie, was an able bodied person and in the 1970s he was shot. Doctors saved his life. There was a bullet left next to his spine that couldn’t be removed. He has been a quadriplegic ever since. Charlie has never given up or stopped fighting for his ideals. He’s a great example for me, to keep the faith. Keep going. Believe. Act. Stand up for change and never give up for the good. Never give up.

We went to a show together at the SF Museum of Modern art, which had some classic photos of famous people. Here Charlie is pictured with the photo of my idol, Janis Joplin.

I took this pic with my old travel film Olympus camera in 2011. Because Charlie’s life reminds me to “keep on keepin’ on…” no matter what, so I made this tribute to him.

With all the negativity and terrible rhetoric flying  around the world, I am moved to encourage people of the world to stay the course. Speak up for what is good. Stop violence in word and deed.
Be peace.
Never give up. Keep the faith.
Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.
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Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time? Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly photo Challenge Orange photo series

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Farmers’ Market produce harvest and Autumn’s garden flowers in shades of orange for this week’s photo challenge. Thank the bees for the bounty. Thanks to the farmers for planting and to nature for its beauty.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen!

Have a peaceful day wherever you are.


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