Views from the SF Bay Bridge = Sunset Photos – Birds in flight, mountains, ship

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These two views from the San Francisco Bay Bridge and the frontage road to Berkeley California were recorded while riding across the San Francisco Bay Bridge in a van, in June. The first group of photos are intriguing as they capture the birds in flight with the prominent view of the bay and Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. You will note that glimpses of the bridge girders are visible in a couple of photos to give it some perspective. Also the flickers were a result of shooting between the girders at a speed of around 60 mph. The shift in focus is caused by the van jolting at points on the road.

As the view turns parallel toward the eastern sky the sun is directly hitting the lens,  the camera lens did not compensate for the intense light. The second group’s images are overexposed, but I like the effect. Sunset is an ethereal time, these untouched images reflect the light change in a way that adds a bit of mystery and wonder for me.

What do you think?

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Discover Challenge: Portraits

via Discover Challenge: Portraits

“The Invisible Weight of Time” ~ Ishiuchi Miyako*



Garments that remained of the people

Who disappeared instantly in the atomic blast.

Delicate treasures emptied of form.

Emptiness captured in the photo lens.

Reminded me of when you took photographs.






Once upon a time before we were born,

Do you remember before our meeting?

Afterward your photographs became

The subjects of my studies in pencil

as dusty memories.


Your portrait became a drawing lost in time

Unearthed in a folio of early work.

A quick drawing sketched in greens.

I made you take your glasses off.

You wore that look I knew so well

Just before you’d laugh ~

Then the world broke free in laughter

From the invisible the weight of time.


* (After seeing photographer Ishiuchi Miyako’s interview on NHK TV.

Here and Now: Atomic Bomb Artifacts, ひろしま/Hiroshima 1945/2007,”




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Paradigm Shift = Paper Purge – Health and Spiritual Journey

Greetings! As the paradigm shift effect continues I resolved to organize and purge excess paper from my files. I had been doing that since March or April with a modest success. Less is more and all that good thinking that I learned studying art prods me to continue.

There is a sense of purpose to organizing my art work and purging papers. I found a paper I wrote earlier in this decade that I had completely forgotten about from Graduate school. The title is The Middle Way: A Short Autobiography of a Spiritual Path. When I read it again, I was surprised by the content. At the time I wrote it I was taking a class on Spiritual Journeys. The class read books about other people’s spiritual paths from different faiths. We had speakers from the faiths of Buddhism and Islam as well. My autobiography arose from an assignment to write about our own journeys. Thinking back on this is relevant to my recent experiences.

My goal with this blog has been to help me recover from a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. It will be eight year this August since my injury. The journey of this blog and the people who have touched my life through their blogging has helped me to recover from my brain injury and maintain my spiritual journey.

My writing has improved. My brain makes gains in recovery. I still make mistakes with syntax and spelling, but I persevere. But the truth is I will never be the same. My brain has changed. Their are many ways in which I feel supported by friend – A nice meal shared, a visit to friends or playing with children all keep me in touch with my spiritual journey.

My faith in the goodness of humans has not wavered. Despite the darkness that arises in our lives, I believe in the better instincts of humankind to care and be good neighbors and help each other in good times and tough times.

Some of my friends have gone through or are going through health crises. Last week Monday, my good friend Anna was admitted to the hospital with a heart problem. I had spoken to her on Friday and she complained how tired she had been all week, which was not like her. She had a pain in her shoulder and could barely get up the stairs in her home. I urged her to rest and to get to the doctor. There was already an appointment to see her doctor on Wednesday. However her worsening condition brought her to the doctor on Monday, where after administering an EKG test, Anna was sent to the hospital.

I joined Anna in the ER and listened to the many doctors that provided her with care. They were very kind. The staff provided her with information and a plan for tests. Her husband was unable to be there. He is recovering from a hip replacement surgery.

It was very difficult to see my friend look sicker as the hours ticked away. My concern for her grew as they said they must do an angiogram to look inside her heart. The day before a technician came into the ER and took an echocardiogram of her heart. I was present and could see her heart beating on the machines screen. It looked to be working very hard. It struck me as so intimate a moment to be sitting next to Anna and seeing inside her heart. How miraculous is medicine!

Through this time my thoughts remained positive that Anna would not have to have a major surgery. I was so relieved after the angiogram, which was performed the next day, when the doctor came to talk to me. Anna would not need any surgery. Perhaps another test was in order and medications for her heart.

Anna is home and doing better after a diagnosis of “stress cardiomyopathy”. This heart problem happens mostly to women. With medications and follow-up with a specialist she will recover.

“How fragile we are.” Sting

Remember that “we are all in this together.”

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. The purging paradigm shift continues here. It’s a journey!








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Journey = Road View East San Francisco Bay – Daily Challenge


San Francisco East Bay View

Daily Challenge:


Along the roadway

Between clouds and sun

A lone bird travels

the sky


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Shades to Remember by Polly Malby = Crafts in Oregon

Another adventure in Oregon was a visit to a local crafter, Polly Malby, who is a friend of my friends. She makes wonderfully creative lamp shades and lamps.

Such a sweet person, with a most excellent eye for colors and textures. Polly makes these unique lamps that are so pleasing. Here husband, Greg made the lamp stand, which is shown in the first photo with the parasol purple top. My friend Alan helps with the wrapping of the wire frames on the shades.

She has sold to McMinneman’s Edgefield, of Troutdale Oregon, mention in my last post. Polly makes special orders too.

Here are a few of her lamps that I took pictures of while visiting. The detailing is phenomenal. You can view more of Polly Malby’s lamps on her Etsy Shop.

Shades to Remember on Etsy

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Wishing you a peaceful day.


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