Washburn Fair Oaks Park – Minneapolis Statue of George Washington is toppled over by vandals

The George Washington Statue in Washburn Fair Oaks Park Three Days before it was toppled by Vandals – CKatt

Minneapolis park crews assess damage to Washington, Pioneers statues

The culprits toppled the statue of the first president and covered the pioneers monument with anti-colonialist graffiti. 

My photograph above of the George Washington statue was take three days before this happened on November 26, 2020 Thanksgiving Day.


Taking frustration and anger out on statues and monuments is a form of protest. Yes, I understand what motivates these actions. Symbolic acts against the oppressors is a consequence of frustration by the long aggrieved people who have suffered discrimination, rejection and death.

I have experienced aggression and discrimination. I know people who have suffered racial oppression. My friends have dedicated their lives to working for the re-establishment of dignity and equality within the American Society and the world by education and efforts to effectively raise awareness. Where I could lend a hand, I did so.

When I took this photo, the thought crossed my mind: How long it would be until this statue would be defaced or removed? (Three days.)

Every time the worlds treasures were/are destroyed by bombs…I am saddened by what is lost. However, when peoples lives are wiped off the earth by cruelty and bombs, I grieve.

Even as I write this, people are killing each other here in the Twin Cities, the United States, and the world.

What can stop this cycle of aggression and suppression toward each other? Half of us want to help out and the other half want to wipe out people and their culture. History is the story of the endless wars of humans. A chronicle of a never ending cycle is recorded year after year.

May the coming year be a healing year. May people find peace and stability this season. I am grateful to my friends and relations, who sustain my spirit and heart. I believe there is a way forward to living together in peace.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Stay safe wherever you are today.

Peace and Love Rose – CKatt 11-27-2020

We are all in this together.

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A Vegetable Peeler: A Simple Object Lesson – A Contemplative life = An Attitude of Gratitude

A Rada Vegetable Peeler – from Radakitchenstore


I bought a Rada vegetable peeler at the farmer’s market ages ago from a nice couple selling Rada products. “Imported from Iowa,” remarked the woman that was selling Rada knives too. This is a stainless steel peeler and worked perfectly. Then it disappeared. Hmmm…My conclusion it must have been tossed out accidentally with peelings. The replacement that I found has not performed very well.

Nuts. I’m going to order this. The market sellers of Rada products that once were at the Minneapolis Lyndale Farmers Market have gone never to return.

But what’s the point? The choices go on for pages and pages.

Vegetable peelers Google Search Retrieved 11-23-2020

A surplus of choices made my mind spin and plunge into the images for too long on the internet of deep distraction. My brain boggles at the plethora of choices.

Speaking with my friend, Linda, about looking for a vegetable peeler, we both miss being able to shop in 3-D; that is, to see and touch things and decide viscerally on an object. To engage with a person, when we shop is a social event that is truly missed.

Yes, Covid has driven people to online shopping. The stores are set for the holidays, but these brick and mortar stores are wondering how to get the shoppers into the stores. Or so I heard on TV.

Those of us who are staying home in this dire time of Covid and have limited in-person contact feel a loss that’s hard to measure. Yes, I have phone contacts. Email contacts too.

Topics range from: wanting to complain about football or basketball of which I have little knowledge and no interest. (I’m a fan of other sports.) to selling a house, business plans, retirement plans, and politics. People are talking at me.

Family life in general is so altered that I can’t even imagine what my friends are feeling or even the kids as they are growing up so quickly. Luckily there is zoom for family dinners, book club, discussion group, and meetings. Thanks to the moms who send photos too.

I am reluctant to go grocery shopping and try to get in and out as quickly as I can. To that end I make a shopping list. The check out people are friendly and helpful for the most part, which gives me a fleeting sense of normalcy. Over and over again, I am aware that people while wearing masks are not distancing enough as they, like me, are shopping to move on and get it done. I pause and wait to create space. There’s a pall of anxiety in the air.

But sometimes, someone will look at me from behind their mask and smile with their eyes. I feel a joy as I smile back.

The simple truth is a long winter of waiting is ahead. Our state is in the middle of a high rise of Covid cases in the Midwest. All people are asked to be tested. My doctor gave me the okay to get tested.

What does it matter that I can surf the internet for a vegetable peeler or anything a person could desire, when I cannot look into my friends’ eyes in real time and we can smile at each other?

Friends and relations at a distance are a treasure. I stop to remember to make a gratitude list. Keep on keepin’ on folks.

Portrait of Piper – A Shetland Sheep Dog Stage 8 – almost finished. 11-20-2020 © Ckatt

This Shetland Sheepdog pastel portrait is not finished yet. Work on the lower right continues.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Be grateful wherever you find yourself today.


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Voltaire = Writer, Historian and Philosopher – Words for today

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”

Pastel by Maurice Quentin de La Tour, Retrieved from Wikipedia 11-11-2020

A friend sent me this quote this week from Voltaire who lived from 1694 -1778 in France, England and Prussia. An Enlightenment Era Writer and Philosopher, who wrote a total of more than 2000 pamphlets, books essays, plays and poetry. Famous for his wit, and his criticism, he was an “advocate of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and separation of church and state.” I hadn’t thought about Voltaire since my college days. At the time, I admired his writing and reputation. He knew Issac Newton and brought Newton’s Physics to France and to Europe from England.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Have a great rest of the week wherever you may be.


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A Contemplative Life = When In doubt, Log out – A Simple Solution And A Squirrel’s POV Or What are friends for?

Alan, my friend in Oregon, called to tell me that it was cloudy and dark today. He said all he wanted to do was eat carbs and sleep. (Hmm. I feel like that too.)

Asparagus Pizza

Alan had something else on his mind. Alas, his hearing was damaged by jet fighter pilots flying exercises over the marina where he was helping a friend refurbish a boat. The jets roared overhead and blew out his already damaged ears.

His hearing aids were no longer helping him. Alan requested that when he asked me to repeat something, that I should not be offended. “Not a problem.”

The heart of Alan’s problem that caused him the most frustration was that he had created folders for over two-hundred documents and moved them into files. A lot of work went into this project. However, he found in his attempts to look into the files that he was getting an ominous message: Permission denied to access the documents. (Hmmm.) I keep listening). The process sounded straight forward.

I asked a few questions. He explained as he tried to open his folders…and so forth. Permission Denied. on his iPad. Over and over again. Whoops!

After some back and forth, I suggest he log into iCloud from his iPad to check to see if the documents were visible there. Okay long story shortened, there was a lot of fiddling around with me sending links for Alan to open on HOW TO 1. Get into iCloud; 2. Find where to look for answers to the problem; 3. look at documents-do see anything there…?

Deep dish Pizza

Meanwhile I am googling answers to the problem. After of bit of searching I couldn’t find any useful post newer than 2012. Neither was any info that I found vaguely related to his lack of permission to get to his two-hundred documents. There’s more back and forth between us and Alan is on turbo charge velocity, while I am begging him to let me think.

En Fin, Finally, after some vague stabs in the dark, Alan reveals that he has made all these files on his phone. (Silly me, I thought he had done all this on his iPad.) I had been directing him to do the searching on his iPad. HONK! Wrong way, buddy.

Dialogue Follows:

Me: Can you get to the documents on your iPhone?

Alan: Let me see. Yes.

Me: You can open them there?

Alan: Yes.

Me: Close Pages and log out of your iPad.

Alan: Oh, I haven’t done that in a long time. Snicker.

Me: Close Pages and shut down your iPad. You have to do that regularly or it screws things up.

Alan: Close pages and turn off the iPad. I’ll wait 15 seconds.

Me: Wait longer.

Alan: Okay.


ME: Turn on your iPad. See if you can get to the documents.

Alan: Turns on iPad. Checks documents.

Me: Can you see them?

Alan: I can’t open them…wait. Yes! Oh, they didn’t cycle through because I didn’t log out of my iPad.

Me: When in Doubt; Log out.

Alan: something something something

Me: Put a note somewhere, When in doubt; Log out.

Alan: I worship at your feet!

Me: I don’t think you’d want to do that, if you could see my floor. It needs vacuuming.

Alan: I give you a kiss.

Me: When in doubt; Log out.

What are friends for, if not to help each other out in these times?

Now for Something Completely Different!

Comic Relief about life for the Humanitoids. A Contemplative Life

Squirrel’s Contemplative Live CKatt – 11-8-2020
Squirrel’s Contemplative Live CKatt – 11-8-2020
Washburn Fair Oaks Park Minneapolis MN Ckatt 11-8-2020

Without these tree where would we Humanitoids be?

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Stay well wherever you may be.


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The Adventures of Otto and Smudge = A dogs life!

My friends moved into a new house and added a new dog to their family! They sent this photo and I asked permission to make it into a cartoon.

The Adventures of Otto & Smudge – 11-4-2020

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

No matter where you are, there you be!


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