Chicken Mole Made from a Chili Recipe = Alan likes complex cooking 😁

Chicken Mole Recipe made from this Recipe for Chili Made with ground meat and Sirloin

Change…added whole malt barley and did not use beer.

Chilli 1 RECIPE 2008

Chilli 1 Recipe from 2008 All Recipes – From Alan and adapted to make chicken Molé
June 10, 2019

My friend and cook supreme sent me this recipe for Chilli – yes with 2 Ls – Published by All Recipes in 2008. Alan’s addition to the recipe is added here:
Conversation went like this:
C: Please send me the chicken mole recipe for my blog?
A: OK!
A: Is it legible?
C: Yes, but I need your mole additions🙏🏻😁
C: And chicken recipe?👍🏻

 Alan’s recipe change to the Chili:

Alans Chicken Mole 6-10-19

Alan’s Chicken Mole 2019

“It’s the beer, cocoa, brown sugar, coffee combination. I substituted powdered barley for the beer. I bought some (whole malted barley) at a beer brewing place. And just chicken thighs browned really good on both sides.

I drained off the broth from the chili so all the other seasonings are part of the mix. You make the chili first. The chicken mole is an afterthought.”


C: Measurements? Each part how much❤️🐸

Alan’s substitution for beer – Quantity
“Just as in the recipe. The only difference is about a quarter cup powdered malted barley instead of beer. But both might be really good!”

I will try to make the Mole Chicken. It looks Fabulous. Merci beaucoup, Alan!


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Monday – Spring Flowers -Two sides of the pond

Electronic simultaneous

Sharing spring across the pond…

Two sets of lilacs

Country scene

City scene

Greetings across the wavelengths.

Top three photos courtesy of my friend in Sweden.

Bottom three photos Minneapolis courtesy of me.

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A Contemplative Life – Thinking it over – Heart & Home


Go with me to the sea!
To the smells and sounds:
salty air where I can breathe,
listen to the halyards’ familiar chime
against metal masts in the breezes
that froth the waves,
whose familiar sounds lull the weary.


Stand on the rocks.
Watch the gulls wheeling,
lifting wings, floating above us
singing familiar calls
In the air, the deep waters, boats
all in motion – under blue sky

Travel with me to taste the air, the light.
Where water and wind combine –
let the waves move against the body,
wade in to swim the currents
that buoy and carry us,
in a boat of sounds, sights, and smells.
Bound no longer to rocky ground
by our mortality.


Ah, the sea, the sweet sea,
When I see grass fields waving
my heart floats freed
To days of sunshine, sandy shores and sea.
Ah, the sweet sea

Go with me!

CKatt 2019


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Signs of Spring = The Northland Awakens & The Minneapolis Farmers’ Market is in full swing

March photos in the city. It was a chilly day to take photos, but the sun appeared after rainy dark days. And the earth was coming alive in the city gardens.

Herbs 19

The Lyndale Farmers’ Market was buzzing on Saturday. I skipped last weekend due to the cold rainy weather. Today’s find were basil, chives, oregano, watercress, and a nice bunch of spinach. So glad that I can buy basil again, after last year’s disastrous basil blight.

May photos in the city

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A Contemplative Life – Thinking it over = Losing a Friend

On Saturday I received a text that my dear friend had passed away on Mother’s Day. Linda had rheumatoid arthritis of the lungs for a long time. In the late ’90s, Linda moved with her husband Tom to Wisconsin. We kept in touch with cards and as time went on with phone calls.

Linda loved animals and always had a cat and a dog. She was passionate about the birds that came to her feeders, which she would describe and name during our phone calls. Her enthusiasm was contagious. She was a natural raconteur.

Tom and Linda lived many adventures together. Frequently, they traveled to Jamaica during the cold winter months. There were many tales from their lives that would have made great reading.

Tom had been a Navy Seal. He passed away in November of 2017. He had lung cancer, which was attributed to exposure to Agent Orange. Linda was left alone that winter; except for visits from her daughter and son-in-law, who live in Minnesota. We were in frequent contact.

Linda had to have oxygen 24/7 to breathe. I visited her in the summer of 2018. The reality of her situation hit home. She was tethered to a large machine with a long clear tube  that allowed her to walk around her house.

Although she would be hospitalized several times during that year, her strong attitude and strength never wavered. I called her “The Viking” because of her Norwegian heritage. She was a tall, blond and met the world with a ready smile. Linda had the strength to keep going and not give up on life. In our frequent phone calls she would talk about her husband, Jamaica, and her family.

Linda still had the can do attitude and was frustrated that she could no longer do things for herself. Eventually Linda managed to move back to the Twin Cities to live near her daughter and son-in-law in October of last year.

Then, during the arrival of a record breaking cold and snowy winter this year, she fell tripping over a new coiled cord for her oxygen in her apartment and broke her upper right leg and fractured her left thigh. I heard the news when she called me. Linda emphatically told me not to come to the hospital. The surgery was a success, but she was restricted to bed for three months. Shortly after the surgery she went to a rehabilitation center.

All the while at the rehab center she was looking forward to moving into a new place and told me about her plans. She made beautiful beaded jewelry, which she wanted to return to doing. There were times she confided in me that she felt like she didn’t know if she could keep going.

Linda was a remarkable, talented woman and I miss her energy and irrepressible spirit. Tom was a good guy, who shared Linda’s spirit of living life to the fullest. I will miss them.


Tom and Linda, Linda’s bead work and some of her pets.



Linda’s photo from Jamaica

They will be buried at Fort Snelling Veteran’s Cemetery in July with a 21 Gun Salute for Tom. This is my farewell tribute to my friends who loved life.

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Linda's Cat

Linda’s Cat Ozzy

Ozzy’s Story written by Linda:

Ozzy was at Barron city humane society. He was a stray. My daughter and I were going to shelters looking for my forever cat. He was in another holding area all alone. This is our 3rd Siamese cat. They are different than other cats. They need lots of attention ( on demand ) They talk a lot too! As you can see he fit right in. You don’t see many Flame Point Siamese cats. Most of the time they are Seal or Blue or Chocolate.

Ozzy went to live with a couple that Linda knew, who brought him by the rehab center to visit her.








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