Weekly Photo Challenge – Girl Quest


Girl Quest – Have Fun and be the best

Weekly Phot0 Challenge – Quest

Girl Quest is my idea about confidence building by doing your best and having fun with your friends. I caught this bit of horse antics and girl bonding at the Minnesota Horse Expo. There is power in this special event from sharing time and working together for a common goal with their horses and friends.



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Minnesota State Fair Part 2 – September 2016

My second trip  to the Minnesota state Fair was Friday, September 1. The weather was cool and comfortable. (Yes, dear reader I go more than once a year. It’s that big and that much fun.) Reporting Friday September 2, 2016 at the fair to my dear friend, Linda, in Goose Creek, South Carolina from the Minnesota State Fair, the goal was to distract her from the torrential rains and winds that are sweeping through her area of the USA at the same time that I enjoyed the fair. Without the technology of a smart phone it would not have been possible to share some highlights.

From earlier in the week at the Education Building display were the Minnesota students’ art display. Lots of Ribbons were given. It was inspiring to see such quality work from around the state. (I was an art teacher, at one time.) 


Minnesota State Fair Student Artwork 2016

There are many areas of competition throughout the Minnesota state Fair. The day started with a visit to the Coliseum to take in some of the Western Horse Competitions and look at the vendors’ booths. The leatherwork on the bench pictured above was just extraordinary. 


I took a few pictures indoors during the Western Riding under 17 years competition. Standing next to me was the father of this young lady. The competitors put their horses through a series of paces along the arena wall. Every time she passed he would coach her in a low quiet voice. He looked at me and said, “Kids.” I smiled. All were doing their very best. I thought of the patience and devotion all the riders put into their efforts to win the competition and the parents who supported them.  At that moment, thinking about the discipline to learn to ride, the care of these beautiful animals and the support of the family brought together in the State Fair spoke volumes to me about a way of educating “Kids”.

To be continued!

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A Perfect Day – Remembrance

A Perfect Day

In Remembrance of September 11, 2001

The flowers of September move

In the gentle breezes.


Deep colors reach toward the morning sun

And create a rich banquet for the eyes.



Working bees of different shapes and species

collect the nectar with an urgency,

They know what time of year it is.


A gardener has created this haven

in the flourishing flowers,

For the bees and butterflies.



This city dweller lingers long

With admiration over the living beauty,

unsullied by human turmoil.



Remembering years past,

When we worked to create understanding…

In the constant discord of the world,



May I leave this simple message

For the future: Live

In this moment, like this garden

In peace.



On September 11th, I worked at a corporation, who lost staff members on the upper floor of the first tower. I happened to be in the lobby of our building 1000 miles from the event, when the news came on the television screen. The images filled me with a sadness of loss I had never know before.

Returning to my desk, I walked into my leaders office and said, “Someone has just flown an airplane into one of the Twin Towers in New York.” My leader looked at me as if he did not understand what I said. I repeated the words again feeling heavier with each word. He looked at me and I could see he understood the gravity of the message.

Many people were in a panic and feared that our building might be a target. Hundreds of people left to go home. In the aftermath, I received pictures of the inside of corporate headquarters in New York from a colleague. The ash had drifted like a snowbank almost ceiling high in the main lobby. The eerie silence of the empty lobby spoke volumes. American life would never be the same.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge


Columbia River View from the Oregon Side 2016

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The Minnesota State Fair 2016 Day 1 = A Great Get Together or What I did at the Fair

Just a minute, A little research for your reading pleasure: “The Minnesota State Fair was named the best state fair in the United States in 2015 by readers of USA Today.[7]

My first trip to the Minnesota State Fair on Tuesday was in support of the Minnesota Brain Injury Association, which is a non-profit organization that supports people with brain injury and actively campaigns the legislature on their behalf. I brought my camera to document our trip to the various booths to promote awareness regarding health care spend downs for people receiving medical assistance. Stops included the Education building to talk to State Legislators and take a survey; The DFL booth where we posed with Amy Klobuchar; The Republican booth – people talked to the Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party, Keith Downey; final stop was at MPR Booth where Amy made a radio recording to go out over the airwaves on behalf of the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance.

Tuesday August 29th photos:

Amy Klobuchar Gives us a go for it fist pump, when we visit.


The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance with Senator Amy Klobuchar at the Minnesota State Fair August 30th, 2016

These are but a few people the Brain Injury Alliance advocates for throughout the year.

Thanks to Jeff Nachbar and Erica Schmiel  (See the tall guy in the very back is Jeff and the woman with brown hair in front of Jeff, is Erica) for organizing us and leading us so well. We appreciate having our voices heard and your tireless support.


Thank you to all the people who talked to us too!

Our next Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance event is the Twin Cities 2016 Walk For Thought  and will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton.

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