Pavlova = A cake from the heart – Birthday surprise

Chris became a Pavlova maker extraordinaire over time. Here is his effort for a birthday celebration. Hip Hip Hooray! A delicious Pavlova that everyone enjoyed!

More later…

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A Bright Sunny Day = Getting Hitched – A Wedding in the Hood by

On my way out for an errand, I was pleasantly held up by a horse drawn carriage going for a short stroll.

Over the years I have seen many wedding parties that are held in a former mansion across from the Fair Oaks Park.

Years ago, one Saturday while walking my dog, a wedding was performed outside on the mansion lawn. The poodle and I settled in across the street in the park to watch.

Weddings can be joyous events. Seeing people together in their finery was fun.

This photo was taken in the neighborhood. Obviously for a wedding, this horse and carriage was available. The Company name is “Hitching”. Do you think the pun was intended?

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Lavender Crush – A luxurious Rose = Summer’s Sultry Display

Lavender Crush Rose Lake Harriet Rose Garden, Minneapolis. These purple roses looked lush with so many petals. Very luxe hybrid rose that can be grown in this cold climate.

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Bees in Public Gardens = Flower Hour – Sharing the View

Bees are busy in the garden at Lake Harriet! This a a large bee.

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Chicken Thighs and Fresh Apricots Recipe

This recipe is a two step cooking recipe using Bone-in Chicken Thighs, and fresh apricots, but can be made with dried then reconstituted apricots. Never having made anything with fresh apricots ever, when a package of fresh apricots called to me at Trader Joe’s, I knew I could find something to go with them. That was bone-in chicken thighs that I picked up at the Co-op.

There were some very complicated recipes out there, but this recipe suited my palate.

Some of the ingredients are modified. I am allergic to real maple syrup. I substituted molasses, one small white onion for shallot, home dried rosemary for fresh, olive oil, and red wine.

1 tablespoon oil like avocado oil.
4 bone-in skin-on chicken thighs
salt to taste
10 fresh apricots pits removed and diced.*
1 large shallot minced, about 1/2 cup
2 cloves garlic minced
2 tablespoons dry white wine
2 tablespoons organic maple syrup
1 cup organic chicken stock or bone broth
1/2-1 tablespoon fresh rosemary minced
1 tablespoon organic extra virgin olive oil

Instructions, Tips and Notes can be found here.

For this two-step recipe I used my trusty large cast iron pan to cook the chicken thighs to a golden brown on the stove top and then for the oven stage. The splatter problem was a big mess. I tried a splatter screen, but that was inadequate to stop the splatter. Next time I’ll use my pan cover.

*The package of apricots had seven good sized fruits, which when cut up made plenty of fruit pieces to cook. They do not need to be peeled. Apricots have a tang.

Chicken Thighs with Fresh Apricots Ckatt 6-2021

It happened that a friend from California called while I was cooking. We often talk about recipes and food. It was great fun to be making the recipe and talking about what I was doing. It came time for the maple syrup when using molasses was flash inspiration! My friend approved too. Violà! The sauce was much darker than the original recipe pictured online.

Chicken with Apricots

Using bone-in chicken thighs adds to the body of the sauce. Served with a dollop of Siggi’s Yogurt, which has a creamy consistency, is a tasty accent to balance the flavors together. I’d make it again.

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Take a moment to smile wherever you may be in your day.


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