Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 Highlights – Part 1

Once upon a time in the Midwest…if I may borrow a phrase, in April there is the Minnesota Horse Expo 2017. This year the weather was nippy, but with a couple of layers of light weight warm clothes, I was armed with my little camera ready to get some photos and see some demonstrations about riding.

There were some professional photographers there too, with their big lenses, mixing right in with the horses and riders as they prepared to go into the Coliseum on the State Fair Grounds in St Paul, Minnesota. Photography is my hobby.

It’s three days of horses and everything related to horses. There are national and international experts on everything from horse care, health and riding. Then to the shopping where clothes, hats, gear dazzle the eyes.

There is a whole new generation of young kids coming up, which is wonderful to see. What I like most is that there are riders of every age. Please enjoy the photos from the 2017 Minnesota Expo.

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This was a picture of confidence, unity and poise. I was moved to capture the moment, when this child rode in on her pretty Paint horse. This is a mule team that drew the young rider’s attention.


Handsome Mule Team Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 CKatt

Mules are the result of a cross between a horse and a donkey. They are becoming very popular for riding too.

Heavy Horses: Shire, Lusitano x Friesian, Friesian, Percheron Horses, 

Friesian mare and 1 week old colt

Friesian Mare with Week-old Colt – Minnesota horse Expo 2017 – CKatt

gypsy vanner

Gypsy Horse  – Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 CKatt

Lusitano Friesian Cross

Lusitano x Friesian Mare with her 3/4 Friesian Foal – Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 CKatt

P1080446 (1)

Shire – Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 CKatt


Percheron and Owner in the stall – Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 CKatt

This Percheron owner was polishing the harness for driving. This exhibitor was readying her team for exhibition driving. We had a short conversation about the preparation of the harness care. Driving is more difficult to learn than riding as there are so many types of harness and carts and wagons to use. There are many details to remember.

Shire Family

Shire family

Magnificent Shire – Horse, Dad with his daughter sitting tall – Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 CKatt

Heavy Horses or Draft Horses are the horses that were bred and used for work with wagons, ploughing fields, transport, and carrying knights into battle.

Taking pictures of these beautiful animals is challenging because they are constantly in motion at the horse fair. Me, I have slowed down over the years from running around trying to catch up to the horses. Mostly I am documenting the event and the atmosphere. This year people seemed to be very upbeat. They smiled more and I even talked to a few horse people. Good mood all around.

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Earth – Weekly Photo Challenge = a Sacred Place – Our Mother


Belle Vue  copy

Mississippi River – Lake Pepin CKatt 4-2017

A Sacred PlaceP1030342.JPG

we live upon

our mother’s grace.

We walk without a mind

on our mother’s gift.

We dig within her breast

with no mind to the future.P1030335.JPG

We are not humbled

but stumble in this place.

We are blind

We bomb our mother and

each other.

Gaia, oh blessed one,

our precious outpost in space

your many moods give abundance.

Who will guard you

when those who love you are gone?

CKatt © 4/2017


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Minnesota = 75 State Parks, 10,000 plus lakes, Winter and Summer Sports, Arts

Too many times people have told me, “I’d never come to Minneapolis.” Hmm. I think, why the heck not? It’s clean, has fantastic parks inside and outside the cities, lots of outdoor activities, sports and culture. There’s fantastic food with chefs winning awards. There are so many choices of restaurants, it would be impossible to dine in them all. Foodie Heaven. ( Just sayin’)


Okay don’t bother to come to see rolling hills with fields of sunflowers in the south and west of the state or the North woods with moose and wolves. Yes, wolves, they help keep the deer population under control. No, They don’t roam in packs after people. You probably won’t see them anyway. They avoid people. All the myths about them are just that – myths.  Don’t come here, you’ll miss the hiking, fishing and boating on the lakes.  Please don’t come to enjoy the arts and culture and music scenes. Oh and forget about seeing the Mississippi River, which starts in Minnesota. But you know best, saying never is a negatory way of missing out on a pretty cool place to visit. Then there’s professional sports, National Pond Hockey Tournament, Loppet cross country skiing event, Dog Sledding races up North, Bike trails that go for miles, the Minnesota State Fair…

Minnesotans care deeply about their state and nature. Today I am sharing a link to articles about the debate over funding for the State Parks, which I received from the Office of the Governor.  If you are interested, here are links to what I received about the funding situation.

Budget Squeeze Minnesota State Parks

State Parks Need A Boost

Minnesota State Parks seek funding increase

If you aren’t a Minnesotan, well your’e welcome here any time. If you come in winter, be sure to bring warm clothes, we’ll loan you Yak Tracks. If you come in summer, bring your enthusiasm and we’ll give you some bug repellent.

…and last but not least, the Minnesota Horse Expo again this year April 28, 29, and 30th.

CKatt_Freisian larger format (2)

“Friesian at The Horse Show” Original Pastel Copyright CKatt 


This is a traditional Friesian Horse pulling a traditional Friesian Carriage and the driver was wearing the traditional Friesian gray Suit with Top hat. I created this large pastel from original photos from the Minnesota Horse Show.

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Surprise – Weekly Photo Challenge

Surprise Weekly Photo Challenge

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Photography can capture some moments in nature.  Here are a few that come from various locals with emphasis on the Weekly Photo Challenge of Surprise and using a close up or macro lens.  Bees, butterflies and birds are always moving. Macro and close ups are tricky with these subjects. Hold yer breath and click!

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Security = Weekly Photo Challenge

Security  Weekly Photo Challenge

This weeks photo challenge is about security. Sometimes at the Minnesota Horse Expo, which happens again this month On April 28, 29 & 30th 2017, I captured a moment or two of the relationship between a horse and owner.  This is a small sample of “security”.

I’ll be there again this year looking for more horse moments!

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The tender moments between a horseman and a young horse. 

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