Antique and Vintage Market – Medella Vina Ranch = Fun in the sun

Antique and Vintage market at

Went to this ranch for the first Sunday antique and vintage fair. Really enjoyed the booths, people and atmosphere.

Horse sculpture at the entrance to the ranchFrank Vigil gouacheNative weaver sculptureWWII navy posterArt Nouveau Flower vaseFolks at the marketVintage SaddleVintage Beaded MoccasinsBeaded Vintage PurseBeaded Native Purse possibly Woodlands tribeCovered Wagon shell

There were many items of interest to the crowds of people who came. Our Bead tour group went early, which was good timing.

I missed seeing the horses! They were not out when we arrived. As we drove away. I saw a beautiful Grulla colored horse.

Medella Vina is an equestrian ranch. Click the link for the location.

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Tucson Travels = No Snow – Going to a Gem and Bead Show

  • Sunset TucsonTubac AZ Quilt ShopHighway 19 Heading South in AZ
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Tucson Highway 19 heading south toward Tubac AZ Quilt Shop

Arizona Hwy 19 View south of Tucson

Typical view from the road on the highway in Southern Arizona.

Quilts limited in Tubac Arizona.

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Variations on a theme – Weekly Photo Challenge = Koi Pond

Variations on a Theme

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At the Eli Lilly Estate in Indianapolis there is a garden area to visit. Walking around the estate, when I came upon the Koi pond, I was excited to take some pics.  I monkeyed with the color afterward. The abstract patterns and repetitions fit today’s Weekly Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme.

A little Claude Debussy music would be nice in the background, don’t you think?

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Silence – Weekly Photo Challenge – Muir Beach = Zen Dog

Silence Weekly photo Challenge


Muir Beach

Long ago I lived just up the path from the beach. I would bring my dog Sappho there. I had inherited her from a past relationship. Sappho had been named by her previous owners.

Once my friend Jean took me to Muir beach to paint watercolors. She was a retired cartoonist, who lived with her husband in Mill Valley.  In those days the beach was easy to get to. A peaceful place where people sat, played or like me ran with their dog. Sappho was buried just a ways up the path on the edge of a field in the valley between the mountains where we used to roam together.


Sappho at age 19 Green Gulch – Zen Dog – CKatt

Returning many years later the beach and the parking lot had weathered. The potholes I drove over were deadly. The black top hadn’t seen any repairs, which looked to be as long ago as when I lived there. Every part I remembered was changed with overgrowth and the course of the once familiar stream had moved and caused dramatic changes in the landscape.

Still standing was the large rock at the shoreline, a mountain shape in miniature.

In silence it remains anchoring my many memories of living in such a beautiful place.

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