Amsterdam = Food Friends and Art and Architecture

My travels in February took me to a day trip in Amsterdam to see the Rembrandt Exhibit at the Rijks Museum and a visit to the Bijenkorf Department store’s cafe.

We went by train from Hoorn to Amsterdam. A short hop to the city without the hassle of driving in a city which has easy to use public transport.

It was a really fun day!


Flowers at the train station in Hoorn NL

In Holland there is ready access to buy flowers. They are one of the worlds’ largest  growers and exporters of flowers in the world. And the prices are reasonable! It’s customary to bring flowers when you are visiting or buy them for your home.

De Bijenkorf Department Store

Is an upscale department store just down the street from the train station in Amsterdam. The name of the store translates to the Bee Hive. Really.


We had lunch, but that was an excuse for me to have a piece of chocolate mousse cake. After lunch we made our way out of the store where I stopped dead in my tracks to take photos of the bakery goods! Such artistry to behold! Love it!

We walked to the subway tram and made our way over to the Rijksmuseum to see the Rembrandt Exhibition. When the new underground tramway was constructed They dug many meters below the original underground. There they unearthed layer after layer of pot shards and various archeological objects.

These objects are out in a separated strip between the up and down escalators to the tram platform below. As I rode down the longest, steepest (somewhat scary) escalator, there were many archeological finds which seemed to stream by me as we descended to the platform. You can see in the photos below the beautiful tiled walls across from the platform.


Lastly we walked to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam from the tram.


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Ckatt 2019


The canal photo from the Canal Bridge right in front of the Rijksmuseum CKatt 2019

Fun Factoids: There are sixty miles of canals in Amsterdam. Amsterdam was named after the Amstel river. A canal boat ride is a unique way to see the city. They weather was overcast, but that stops no one from enjoying the city.

The Rijksmuseum was overhauled inside. It took a few years, but the results are very effective. The highlight of the Rembrandt show for me was Rembrandt’s self
Portrait as a young man. He had golden reddish hair as a youth. While this is a photo of it from an Art Education site. It is a pale comparison to the glowing atmosphere and his quality painting techniques. Under the museum light the Rembrandt self portrait was luminous.


Rembrandt Self-Portrait, 1627, Kassel, Staatliche Museum

The Rijksmuseum was showcasing four of Vermeer’s paintings! These paintings were a thrill to see. I was happy just to gaze and marvelat the clarity and richness of his paintings. Both Vermeer and Rembrandt were inspirations for me in my art student days. Included are “The Little Street” from 1658; “The Milk Maid” from 1658; “Woman Reading a Letter” 1663; “The Love Letter” from 1669. These paintings may be viewed at the link above at the beginning of this paragraph.

On our way to dinner I stopped by this shop to take a photo of the ceramic fantasy fish.


Amsterdam local art scene right across from the Rijksmuseum 2019

After a really pleasant dinner we walked back to the train station in a light rain.


Amsterdam at Night CKatt 2019

Have a good week.

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Soup = Bone Broth and Health

Last Autumn my joints, all of them, started cracking and popping like never before. Uh oh, I thought this is the end of my joints. I was in Costco and saw a book called “The 7-day Bone Broth Diet Plan & Cookbook.” by Meredith Cochran with a Forward by Thomas Cowan, MD.

I looked through the book and saw some new information about joint health. I am not going to go into the books contents. However the ideas and recipes were accessible to me. It covers the benefits of bone broth diet and includes many recipes. The book inspired me.

From the reading, I started making my own bone broth and bought some organic bone broth in a box to compare. The homemade kind is tastier and allows for control of salt content, which for me is important.

This Chicken Soup Recipe was made over the weekend. It’s a typical chicken and vegetable soup without celery. The addition of a teaspoon of fresh ginger root and lemon grass root perked up the old Chicken Soup recipe’s flavor.

What I noticed from including bone broth soup in my diet is that my joints stopped snapping and cracking. Yes. It seemed to work well for my arthritis.

However, this is not an endorsement of the diet or any health cure. I’m not qualified to recommend anything about health and foods. This my opinion only. There are books out there on the subject, if you are curious, written by doctors.

Bone broth Soup - 4-30-19CKatt

Bone Broth Chicken Soup 2019 CKatt

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A Contemplative Life = Thinking It Over

Pondering The Imponderable

This dusty world
Buries the day
with unanswered questions
Why did she/he do that
What can I do about this

This dusty mind
awakened one night
and the tears of my
sorrow flowed for all
that was lost
in words and deeds
hopes and dreams
a stream flowed out
from my heart into
the dark night
then into a river
onward to an
ocean of forgiveness

I clear off my table
Lay out my paints
Mix up colors
Take up a brush
and dip into
another world

The swoosh of the brush
soothes my ears
The warmth of colors
bleeds onto the canvas
For a time I forget
troubling thoughts
Lost in paints’ demands

I hear the exhortation
inside my dusty world
“Pay Attention! This is life!”

No matter where we are
We only have today

CKatt 4-30-2019


Lake of the Isles early summer ckatt 2019

Lake of The Isles Spring View © CKatt   2019

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Keep your heart open wherever you may be in your day.

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Minnesota Horse Expo = 2019 Horse Funday

Over the years I have attended the Minnesota Horse Expo 2019 faithfully with a camera and my love of horses. The weather today was sunny with clouds. It was fun to be there amongst the crowds of enthusiastic people. It’s a three day event with a rodeo each day. A great place for children who want to see horses and to take a ride on a pony. This are many vendors of riding gear and clothes to buy.  Most of all there are the horses and good information from professionals on on health, training and riding. Horses for sale too. Happy Trails.

Here’a selection from Friday’s parade of horses.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Have a good weekend wherever you may be.

The local Farmers’ Markets are beginning again. Looking forward to fresh veggies and herbs for cooking again.


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Wordless Wednesday – April 17 2019 — The Green Horseman – simple wisdom

via Wordless Wednesday – April 17 2019 — The Green Horseman

Thought for the Day…from a horse blog that I follow. Just the  bit of inspiration that I need…

Reflecting on being in the moment and letting go of my anger about so many “things” to find compassion in the day, this reminder photo and wise words seems to make a difference for me to have a better day.

Thanks  for stopping by my kitchen.

Have a peaceful day wherever you may find yourself.

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