Bobber Republic = Motorcycles As Art

My friend Steve, a man of many talents, builds motorcycles for fun.  This is a beauty he finished a while ago and shared the photos. I pass these photos of the Bobber Republic on to you to gaze at this sweet work of the motor art.  There is so much detail and finesse in some machines…ah the open road.

Bobber Republic Copyright S. Bailey

Bobber Republic Copyright S. Bailey

Bobber Republic copyright S. Bailey

Bobber Republic copyright S. Bailey

“Hey, What’s a Bobber Republic?” you ask.

Descriptions of bobbers can be found at this site: Retrieved April 12, 2014

Happy trails to all you rebels and dreamers.

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Yesterday Paris Spring – Today Minneapolis Snow

Just want to give you a perspective if you are in another part of the world where it’s warmer, sunnier and not snow covered.


 Snow covered Minneapolis April 4, 2014 © CKatt

Snow covered Minneapolis April 4, 2014 © CKatt

April 42014 After the snow storm

Now where are the crocus, the tulips and all those flowers associated with spring?

Last night a storm came through, rough going this morning for the commuters.  Jack knifed semitrailer trucks or stalled semis on freeway ramps.  Very slick roads caused a long and treacherous commute.

How’s the weather where you are?



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Paris in the Spring = View from the Louvre Gardens

Paris In Spring Original photo © CKatt

Paris In Spring Original photo © CKatt 2006

This photo was one of a series that I took on a trip to Paris in May of 2006.  There are many gardens and parks throughout Paris, which are historical, classical and beautiful. (400 by one count) Here’s a view from the Tuileries garden looking towards the Louvre. This photo was taken with a 1980 model Olympus travel camera with a built-in wide angle lens.  It’s one of the last series I shot with a film camera.

Temperature is in the 30s today with a prediction  from 6-12 inches of snow this evening.  Ah, spring in Minnesota.



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Easy Indian Chicken Curry (Saag Aloo Chicken)


This is the real deal curry recipe from Indu’s International Kitchen. Authentic recipes that are easy to make are exciting to make and even better to eat. If you are fan of curry, read this Easy Chicken Curry (Saag Aloo) recipe. I want to go shopping at the local Indian Grocery for curry leaves.

Originally posted on Indu's International Kitchen:


Many folks whom I know will tell me “Oh I just love Indian food but it is so complicated to cook it! “.  My answer of course has always been – ‘that’s not true at all. Once you know the basic spices that make a curry, you can then really try and make it your own way!’. You don’t always need to follow the exact steps which in some recipes I must admit can make one feel intimidated. And as for easy cooking, I for one am a huge proponent for making things and thereby life simpler :) For instance I am always trying to simplify weeknight dinners where I try to use short cuts and experiment every once in a while.  This Chicken curry is such a recipe where I really tried to make it easier on myself.  I eliminated the sauteing/browning of the onion and tomatoes step so that saves…

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Parka = Coffee + Good Food + Forage Modern Workshop

Parka Minneapolis:  A cafe with coffee, especially good eats and…shares space with Forage Modern workshop that carries hand made furniture and household items of exquisite design.

4021 E. LAKE ST. MPLS, MN 55406



612 – 886 – 1585

After a nine hour day at work, Alan took me to Parka Cafe on East Lake Street in Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood.

Thank you.

It is a refreshingly clean and simple cafe. They serve Dogwood Coffee and Rustica Bakery items.  I was there to eat from their daily menu.  What a treat I had when I ordered their macaroni and cheese.  Had I the presence of Mind to ask about how it is made…the macaroni was a delight. There are many macaroni lovers out there with great recipes.  This was not a sticky, yellow, cheddar baked macaroni recipe.  No sir-re bob.  This was a white cheese lightly coated, perfectly cooked macaroni.  Served with a mustard seed salsa on top and a few sprigs of greens. (It was really a complementary touch!)

Alan had the hamburger because they were out of the brisket. It looked really good. Judging by Alan’s enthusiasm as he dug into eating what looked to be a juicy (Served “medium rare”) burger, it’s a winner.  I stole French fries from him; they had skins on and were, to my taste, perfecto.

I had a hand made Ginger beer to drink. Food paradise may be found on a grey pre-spring day in Meeples, peeples.

The decor is simple, techie, but not cold.  When you are done with your coffee, food or…you can admire or buy some beautifully crafted furniture made mostly by Minnesotans at Forage Modern Workshop.

I saw some beautiful chairs, dining tables and accouterments for the home and personal use; for example, Siskyou Soap from California, where I went camping a couple of times, smelled just like the local fir trees.

It was a fun way to unwind.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out…


Have a pleasant Saturday.  (I am waiting for the Farmers’ Market to Open again in April.)

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