GrapeGate or What’s on your menu for Thanksgiving? + Recipe for Traditional TG Fare

Friday: Minneapolis weather, while not as bad as western New York State this week, has its own charm.  It was zero degrees Fahrenheit last night.  Today the temperature will be 28. (Balmy. If you are British you’ll know I what mean.) Tomorrow it may be in the 40s and rain then snow. (Ice Mush in the streets.)

Fiesta Friday

Fiesta Friday

Reading many inspired recipes this week has kept me up on the food trends. A local TV morning show has gotten a lot of buzz around “Grape Gate”. The New York Times article about what the most eaten dish is in each 50 states has caused quite a stir here and with good reason.

Minnesota’s purported dish is a Grape Salad. (?) NY Times has a Minnesota heiress as their source for this dish. “As if…”  When I looked at the other places, I almost laughed myself off my seat.  Check out your state and see what you think. Here’s the link.

Thanks giving recipes from across the US of A from the New York Times Retrieved November 21, 2014.

My home state, Rhode Island’s recipe is warmed over chorizo and potatoes. Really? New England one of the first Thirteen colonies… okay then. Read it and enjoy.

Meanwhile our own famous resident food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl has written a great take on the Minnesota “GrapeGate”.# Thanksgiving, A Modest Proposal and it is hilarious! Good work Dara!

I am sharing this bit of humor with the fine party goers at Fiesta Friday, in hopes they understand that people in Minnesota A) have a sense of humor B) and do not as a general rule eat a grape salad as a tradition at Thanksgiving dinner. I wonder who the heiress is?

Happy Holidays! Thanks for the hosting at The Novice Gardener’s blog with co-hosts Tracy @Scratch It and Stephanie @The Cozy Cook

Baked Squash Copyright CKatt

Baked Squash Copyright CKatt

Here’s a link to a traditional group of Thanksgiving recipes from a previous year at Kunstkitchen:

Traditional Mashed Potatoes, French Squash and Someone’s Mom’s Dressing Recipes = Turkey Day Is Upon Us

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HelloPizza – New York Style Pizza In Minneapolis – Go Local

Shout out to a new local Pizza Parlor in Minneapolis called Hello Pizza. Halloween night I was invited to join a neighborhood street get together and enjoy some Pizza! That’s when I made the Chocolate Pumpkin Witch Cupcakes. Anywho…I have been craving their pizza ever since. I know who doesn’t like pizza, right?

This is New York style pizza. Which brings to mind my 16th year and going to NYC to check out colleges and meet up with my High School best friend Linda. Well, cheap street food was pizza as only could be served in NYC.  It was cheesy, greasy (in the best of all possible ways) with a perfect crust and served by a very cute Italian guy. The romance began, with the pizza, not the guy.

I am happy to say that something happened, when the pizza guy delivered a slew of boxes and I lifted the first slice onto the paper plate. It looked familiar. It tasted like that first mythical piece of pizza from forever ago (A little hyperbole here.)
The crowd was well pleased. The pizza disappeared. Kids in costumed played and Adults in costume had a great time.

I checked them out online. This place has quality in mind from their meats from Niman Ranch Beef, in-house made sausage and sauce, to providing gluten free pizza. They have subs, salads soft serve, beer & wine … check it out and enjoy a slice of pizza. Retrieved November 17, 2014.

Hello Pizza

‪3904 Sunnyside Road‬  Minneapolis, Minnesota 55424‬

(952) 303-4514



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Minnesota State Fair 2014 = Minnesota Cooks + Horse Pole Bending Photos

Minnesota State Fair 2014 © CKatt 2014

Minnesota State Fair 2014 © CKatt 2014

Every year I go to the Minnesota State Fair and take in the food, arts and leisure competitions, music, colors, sounds and animals – especially horses.  When I went to the Farmer’s Union stand some years ago, I discovered the Minnesota Cooks calendar. It’s free. Inside there are monthly  bios of local farmers with local chef’s recipes, who buy from these Minnesota produce and meat suppliers.  Plus there is a passport included listing all the eat local restaurants in the area.  It’s clever and fun to check off the restaurants that you know and try new ones. The recipes are amazing!

Minnesota Cooks calendar and Giggles Walleye Sandwich © CKatt 2014

Minnesota Cooks calendar and Giggles Walleye Sandwich © CKatt 2014

st classic old tractor st cookie2 st crabapple jelly st dearquilt stcookies stMaple syrup stmaple

Minnesota State Fair 2004 Arts and Leisure © CKatt 2014

Minnesota State Fair 2004 Arts and Leisure © CKatt 2014

Note the massive deer in woods quilt made from postage stamp size pieces of fabric. The two quilts below it are standard size quilts!

My yearly state fair photos include horse riders competing in pole bending, which  I previously tried and enjoyed during some riding lessons a few years back.

 Pole Bending photos from The Minnesota State Fair

Pole Bending competition: Go as fast as possible up and back between the poles with out knocking them over while on horseback. It’s exhilarating!

pole1 pole2 pole3 pole5 pole6 pole7 pole8 pole9 pole10 pole11 pole12

Pole Bending Competition Minnesota State Fair 2014 © CKatt 2014

Pole Bending Competition Minnesota State Fair 2014 © CKatt 2014

I am sharing this with the Fiesta Friday crew over at The Novice Gardener‘s blog, who are providing the scrumptious recipes each Friday.

Fiesta Friday

Fiesta Friday

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A moments respite


From The KitchensGarden somewhere in the Midwest has some kind words of wisdom to share.

Originally posted on thekitchensgarden:

You know how we run our lives expecting that all will be well when we get all our ducks in a row or something.  We plan endlessly expecting a perfect life. Save against that –  insure against this.  We roll along thinking I will get over this hump and solve this problem and sort this situation out and then it will be better. Better forever. I will be THERE. And then it isn’t better and we are nowhere and we are endlessly shocked. Like a mouse in a maze we keep racing along looking for the magic door that will lead us to a perfect life.

I think we have it back to front, inside out, upside down.  pigs-pigs-pigs-029

There is no perfect life. There is not even a perfect day. Unless we realise that a Perfect  life is FULL  of bumps and jiggles. This is what life is. It is meant to be…

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Minneapolis Farmers’ Market End of Season Plenty = Thank a Local Farmer

It was 26 degrees in the morning on Friday October 31, 2014.  Winter draws on AgainThese Photos were taken at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market in October 2014.  My visit coincided with the first cold day we had in Minneapolis. The growers and sellers were bundled up.

pumpkinThe harvest was gorgeous this year.

veggies squash Flowers P1030781 tomatoes tomitillo Basket of peppers Blue Magic daikon edible flowers tomatoes Fall decorations Fall wreath herbs Grandma and wares

October 2014 Copyright CKatt

October 2014 Copyright CKatt

Having had a cold that lasted forever; it was my first day out in weeks.  The displays were a riot of color in October. Camera in gloved hands, I snapped the beauty of the fall harvest.

The tiny Hmong grandma makes the most beautiful toys, bags and pillow covers by hand. It looks like applique, but it is trapunto. Painstakingly hand sewn with beautiful results.

Thanks to all the local farmers and artisans for what they share with our community.  

Please join me at Fiesta Friday hosted by Angie over at the The Novice Gardener

Fiesta Friday

Fiesta Friday



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