The Women’s 22nd Art Festival in Minneapolis 2014 = Learning Curves

The brushes and paints are being put away after weeks of preparation for the 22nd Annual Women’s Art Festival that was held on Saturday, December 13 from 9:30-4:30.

Some pictures of my booth which I shared with Carla Brown, a maker of very creative semi-precious jewelry. We shared the booth and supported each other through the process of preparing for a first – an official art festival.

Art festival booth set up 2014 Women's Annual Art Festival - Minneapolis MN

Art festival booth set up 2014 Women’s Annual Art Festival – Minneapolis MN

Carla's jewelry 2 Carlas Jewelry

Women's 22nd Annual art Festival Minneapolis Minnesota 2014

Women’s 22nd Annual art Festival Minneapolis Minnesota 2014

The many participants made some exquisite items. Repurposed clothing, sweaters, original felt hats, paintings, jewelry, wreaths, prints, cards, stained glass, fairy gardens, and many more beautiful and original items.

Sister Sludge coffee shop of Minneapolis was there serving up the java and some vegetarian chili. Carla tried the chili and liked it.

I sent out an email invitation to far flung friends and locals and the response was really positive.  Friends showed up and…and friends were face-timed in to view the spectacle.  Decadence.

It was such a wonderfully positive day.  I met and talked to people who, when they saw my dog pictures all would get the same look on their faces.  Dog lovers have a certain demeanor  when viewing the dog pictures.  Body language and facial expression say love…”Dog lover?” I asked.  Then a conversation might begin.  I was there to promote portrait work and show some new landscape paintings of done in acrylic paint. (Learning curve with acrylic paint…glixspickle#@*%^&*!!!! )

It was a good day. Lots of positive feedback.  Thanks to all the   people who made it possible. Many thanks to the two ladies who helped me dismantle my grid in the parking lot!  Little glitch with the nuts and bolts. Good grief! Now to finish the clean up at home.  (Looks like a herd of buffalo charged through my place.)



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Miniature Donkeys & A Baby Arrives = Smile, Your Life is Changed Forevah!

This week had a minor eye surgery.  Staring at a computer is not easy. So here’s a photo that I took at the Horse Fair a few years ago.  Just something sweet for an “AWWW moment.

Donkeys at the Horse Fair

Donkeys at the Horse Fair

I am sharing this with a the funsters of Fiesta Friday over at The Novice Gardener with  Michelle @Giraffes Can Bake and MB @Bourbon & Brown Sugar as co-hosts.

While I prepare for the upcoming Women’s 22nd Annual Art Fair on December 13th in Minneapolis know that fun with food is still on my mind.  Howevah! Unless I mutate into an octopus (Hmmmm) I can only juggle a few things at a time.

Have a happy Friday!

Fiesta Friday

Fiesta Friday

Congratulations to The Wests on the birth of Baby Sylvester!

Baby Sy

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Diamond Buddha – A Film on the Life of Zen Master Dogen

My friend Alan moved away. Fortunately we can connect through the marvels of technology. Here’s his latest suggestion of a must see film from the world of Zen Buddhism. This is a film from Japan on the life of Zen Master Dogen (13th century) which was released in 2009.  I found the film to be very moving.  Dogen brought (Soto) Zen Buddhism from China.  This is the story of his life’s teaching. It is subtitled in English.

In the beginning of the film, Dogen meets a head cook of a monastery in China on his search for a master teacher. As a result of the training that Dogen received at the monastery where the Head Cook (Tenzo) also instructed him, he wrote an essay known in English as “Instructions To The Cook“.** This essay explained the duties of the head cook is as the same as taking care of one’s own life.

The head cook is responsible for everyone’s life in the monastery. The film gives a glimpse into the practice of Zen meditation.



by Eihei Dogen zenji – translated by Anzan Hoshin roshi

and Yasuda Joshu Dainen roshi

Retrieved November 29, 2014

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GrapeGate or What’s on your menu for Thanksgiving? + Recipe for Traditional TG Fare

Friday: Minneapolis weather, while not as bad as western New York State this week, has its own charm.  It was zero degrees Fahrenheit last night.  Today the temperature will be 28. (Balmy. If you are British you’ll know I what mean.) Tomorrow it may be in the 40s and rain then snow. (Ice Mush in the streets.)

Fiesta Friday

Fiesta Friday

Reading many inspired recipes this week has kept me up on the food trends. A local TV morning show has gotten a lot of buzz around “Grape Gate”. The New York Times article about what the most eaten dish is in each 50 states has caused quite a stir here and with good reason.

Minnesota’s purported dish is a Grape Salad. (?) NY Times has a Minnesota heiress as their source for this dish. “As if…”  When I looked at the other places, I almost laughed myself off my seat.  Check out your state and see what you think. Here’s the link.

Thanks giving recipes from across the US of A from the New York Times Retrieved November 21, 2014.

My home state, Rhode Island’s recipe is warmed over chorizo and potatoes. Really? New England one of the first Thirteen colonies… okay then. Read it and enjoy.

Meanwhile our own famous resident food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl has written a great take on the Minnesota “GrapeGate”.# Thanksgiving, A Modest Proposal and it is hilarious! Good work Dara!

I am sharing this bit of humor with the fine party goers at Fiesta Friday, in hopes they understand that people in Minnesota A) have a sense of humor B) and do not as a general rule eat a grape salad as a tradition at Thanksgiving dinner. I wonder who the heiress is?

Happy Holidays! Thanks for the hosting at The Novice Gardener’s blog with co-hosts Tracy @Scratch It and Stephanie @The Cozy Cook

Baked Squash Copyright CKatt

Baked Squash Copyright CKatt

Here’s a link to a traditional group of Thanksgiving recipes from a previous year at Kunstkitchen:

Traditional Mashed Potatoes, French Squash and Someone’s Mom’s Dressing Recipes = Turkey Day Is Upon Us

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HelloPizza – New York Style Pizza In Minneapolis – Go Local

Shout out to a new local Pizza Parlor in Minneapolis called Hello Pizza. Halloween night I was invited to join a neighborhood street get together and enjoy some Pizza! That’s when I made the Chocolate Pumpkin Witch Cupcakes. Anywho…I have been craving their pizza ever since. I know who doesn’t like pizza, right?

This is New York style pizza. Which brings to mind my 16th year and going to NYC to check out colleges and meet up with my High School best friend Linda. Well, cheap street food was pizza as only could be served in NYC.  It was cheesy, greasy (in the best of all possible ways) with a perfect crust and served by a very cute Italian guy. The romance began, with the pizza, not the guy.

I am happy to say that something happened, when the pizza guy delivered a slew of boxes and I lifted the first slice onto the paper plate. It looked familiar. It tasted like that first mythical piece of pizza from forever ago (A little hyperbole here.)
The crowd was well pleased. The pizza disappeared. Kids in costumed played and Adults in costume had a great time.

I checked them out online. This place has quality in mind from their meats from Niman Ranch Beef, in-house made sausage and sauce, to providing gluten free pizza. They have subs, salads soft serve, beer & wine … check it out and enjoy a slice of pizza. Retrieved November 17, 2014.

Hello Pizza

‪3904 Sunnyside Road‬  Minneapolis, Minnesota 55424‬

(952) 303-4514



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