A Perfect Day – Remembrance

A Perfect Day

In Remembrance of September 11, 2001

The flowers of September move

In the gentle breezes.


Deep colors reach toward the morning sun

And create a rich banquet for the eyes.



Working bees of different shapes and species

collect the nectar with an urgency,

They know what time of year it is.


A gardener has created this haven

in the flourishing flowers,

For the bees and butterflies.



This city dweller lingers long

With admiration over the living beauty,

unsullied by human turmoil.



Remembering years past,

When we worked to create understanding…

In the constant discord of the world,



May I leave this simple message

For the future: Live

In this moment, like this garden

In peace.



On September 11th, I worked at a corporation, who lost staff members on the upper floor of the first tower. I happened to be in the lobby of our building 1000 miles from the event, when the news came on the television screen. The images filled me with a sadness of loss I had never know before.

Returning to my desk, I walked into my leaders office and said, “Someone has just flown an airplane into one of the Twin Towers in New York.” My leader looked at me as if he did not understand what I said. I repeated the words again feeling heavier with each word. He looked at me and I could see he understood the gravity of the message.

Many people were in a panic and feared that our building might be a target. Hundreds of people left to go home. In the aftermath, I received pictures of the inside of corporate headquarters in New York from a colleague. The ash had drifted like a snowbank almost ceiling high in the main lobby. The eerie silence of the empty lobby spoke volumes. American life would never be the same.

Thank you for stopping by my kitchen.


About kunstkitchen

Visual artist and writer hunting words, languages, visions, and insight in my kitchen - connecting Art (Kunst) and culture and slow food cooking. Classically trained artist. Paint and draw with traditional materials. Live in the Northland where it's six months of winter. Appreciate the little things in life. Sharing food and art experiences and the lessons that my talented and generous friends have given me.
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9 Responses to A Perfect Day – Remembrance

  1. I really like reading your posts. You’re welcome.

  2. I remember that day as my husband was ill and we were watching Good Morning America when we saw the plane hit the tower. Unbelievable and such a sad day. Being a gardener and thinking about how peaceful a garden is, is what I wish for everyone – peace.

  3. What a beautiful post – the comparison of a garden and living in peace. Your words and pictures really touched home – thank you.

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