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Alan’s Recipe for Best Ever Banana Bread

Just returned from a vacation and visit with old and new friends. My dear friend Alan made banana bread. Here is the Best Ever Banana Bread Recipe.  Alan went to a place that no longer exists in Minneapolis and tried … Continue reading

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Cod Cooked in Milk – Comfort Food + Pictures from New England #4

“Fat makes us feel good.” A scientist once told me. Yes, I really get that. Personally a nice Klondike Bar gets feeling me right as rain, even when it’s below zero. This recipe for fish cooked in milk will make me feel good. Continue reading

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Butternut Squash Soup Recipe = Autumn Colors Inspired + Coconut Milk

Here’s what I did with a large Butternut Squash that I purchased at the Lyndale Farmers’ market. I baked half and stovetop cooked the other half, just to see the results. There was soup in mind.
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Chicken Stew With Tomato = Buy A Whole Chicken?

This is good healthy mid-winter, I-am-ignoring-the-four-feet-of-snow-outside-my-door meal. It takes no time to cook. Continue reading

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“Special Mock-mole” Chile and Enchilada Sauce.

For an easy way to make mole sauce, Alan created this recipe. Chili or enchiladas – really good when it’s below zero outside! Mucho Gusto! Continue reading

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