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Chicken Thighs and Fresh Apricots Recipe

This recipe is a two step cooking recipe using Bone-in Chicken Thighs, and fresh apricots, but can be made with dried then reconstituted apricots. Continue reading

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Soup = Bone Broth and Health

Last Autumn my joints, all of them, started cracking and popping like never before. Uh oh, I thought this is the end of my joints. I was in Costco and saw a book called “The 7-day Bone Broth Diet Plan … Continue reading

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“Ways to Clean the Oven” = Stress Reliever – Roasted Chicken Story

I made Roast Chicken last Friday. It was a 4 -7/8 pound bird. I cooked it 20 minutes for each pound as per every site I checked on how long to cook. The inspiration came from binge watching Chef Curtis Stone. Continue reading

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