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Happy Birthday! What? Another Year…and Cake! Food Art…

Birthday Celebrations are important in some cultures. In America people have big parties for kids and adults – sometimes even surprise parties! In Holland the person celebrating their birthday gives the party. In Japan, everyone has January 1st as their birthday! Continue reading

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A Special Birthday Dinner = Coconut Cake

Across town, while the weekend cake-baking marathon ensued at my place, plans for a special birthday dinner for Anna were in the works for Sunday evening.  Howard, who reigns as an artist in his kitchen, designed the menu for the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Coconut Cake

It’s birthday time for some of my friends! What comes to mind? Cake, of course. Classification: challenging baking moments. Many moons ago, I learned about making coconut cake. Remembering fondly the day when my friends’ grandfather Henry Buckman, know as … Continue reading

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