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Alan’s Recipe for Best Ever Banana Bread

Just returned from a vacation and visit with old and new friends. My dear friend Alan made banana bread. Here is the Best Ever Banana Bread Recipe.  Alan went to a place that no longer exists in Minneapolis and tried … Continue reading

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Banana Bread Recipe = Olive Oil Instead of Butter – Yes You Can!

I have made this Banana Bread recipe many times with the requisite butter and none of the nuts or chocolate chips or red dye #40 Maraschino cherries . Here’s a variation using olive oil instead of butter or margarine. Continue reading

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Banana Bread Recipe = The Weather is driving me bananas

This recipe for banana bread is from my well worn “Kitchen Kompanion; Recipes by the members of the Lansing Christian Reformed Church”, Lansing Michigan. Continue reading

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Banana Bread With a Root Beer Twist = The Temperature Soars To 24˚ F

Banana Bread With a Root Beer Twist – Before you say, “Whaaaa?” and you think that I have slipped the boundaries of reality because of cabin fever… Continue reading

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