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Creamy Cauliflower Soup Recipe – Without the Cream

Cream soups are made with heavy cream and these soups are delicious and fun to make soups. However, for a soup enthusiast like me, cream is a no – no. When I watched John Besh make this cauliflower soup without the cream, I was really excited. Continue reading

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Wacky Recipe Wednesday #3 – Tomato Soup Cake

When you are on a roll…then let it roll. Wednesday arrives. I have been cooking and experimenting. Baked Tofu for the first time successfully. Made béchamel sauce and added cumin as I was out of nutmeg. That tasted pretty good. … Continue reading

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Part II High jacked ISP + laptop demise + Birds Nest wrecked my phone service

Well if you read yesterday’s story about the high jacked ISP and the funeral for my 9 year old laptop, you may be curious what the out come was with my phone company round of calls today. Continue reading

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Creamy Garbanzo Bean Soup Recipe = A Windy Late Autumn Day

I had stopped at Turtle Bakery in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis, after work for a cup of coffee – decaf. The smell of the soup and chili were hard to resist. I had a bowl of their chef’s vegetarian Garbanzo Bean with spinach. Continue reading

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“Speak To Your Vegetables…” and Bread Star Rising Baker

The continued story of a food blogger who has high cholesterol. (UGH!) Speaking of vegetables. I love them.
Continue reading

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