Kieren’s Kitchen – North East Minneapolis = Food Building & Makers – Local Foods

Hey! It’s below zero degrees Fahrenheit today! But here’s a reblog from 2019 as the Food building is open and still making all their products. Let’s go out and have lunch again.

Happy Shamrock Day!


Our Autumn days are sunny again. I went out on Thursday to take a few photos in the park. Then I went to the Co-op to buy a few items and look around. There I picked up a loaf of Rye bread from Baker’s Field. It smelled heavenly. Rye bread is quite a different and hearty bread from whole wheat. I grew up having Limpa Rye bread at my Swedish neighbor’s house. That’s a story in itself.

When I read the label on the bread, and ate it the way I did as a child, just plain, I knew I had found a gold standard of Bread Baking. A new tradition of milling and baking has begun again in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Small scale is terrific.

Baker's Field 10-25-19 ckatt

Baker’s Field Hundred Rye Bread – Minneapolis MN Ckatt 2019

I looked the makers up in Minneapolis. They grind their own flour and make all sorts of breads and pastry. The bread and pasteries can be bought at Kieren’s Kitchen in the Food Building. I was very excited to investigate further and contacted my friend Carla and sent her a link to Kieren’s Kitchen in Minneapolis. “locally sourced seasonal produce includes Minnesota-grown staples, like apples, squash, pumpkins, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and blueberries. Our meats come from farms in Minnesota and Iowa.” ~ Kieren’s Kitchen ~

 We found there was more to discover at the Food Building 0n NE 14th Street. We visited and observed the Makers in the building.

Kieren's K 10-25-19 ckatt

Squash Soup at Kieren’s Kitchen Northeast

Breakfastkieren'skitchenckatt 10-25-19

Breakfast at Kieren’s Kitchen Northeast


The Squash Soup was served with half a squash with pepper aioli and a drizzle of cream and herbs. It was a treat and imaginative way to serve squash soup & Baker’s Field warmed bread! Five ☆☆☆☆☆ Eats. I had the locally made Ginger Beer and it was very good. I’m a big fan of Ginger Beer.



Carla’s full breakfast had eggs, crisp flavored fried potatoes came with a sauce, plenty of thick bacon, and Baker’s Field toast. Carla had Irish Breakfast Tea. Five☆☆☆☆☆ Eats












The Atmosphere

Guests order at the counter and then it’s seat yourself. At Kieren’s they pay attention to details of food presentation, service and quality. Also on offer are the goods from the other maker’s in the building. I tried the Brie cheese sample from Alemar’s Cheese. It had a very refined flavor and lush texture. Big Plus was that the people who serve you are very warm and friendly, which adds to the pleasure of the experience. (A+ to have great service.)

The Food Building

Food Building qo-25-19 ckatt

Food Building 117 NE 14th Street Minneapolis, MN

Alemar Cheese

This Alemar Cheese producer was not actively making cheese, when we walked through hall from Kieren’s Kitchen to see the business in action.

Baker’s Field Bakery

Their flour is milled on site and can be purchased at Kieren’s Kitchen.

Baker's Field Mill at Work ckatt 10-25-19

Baker’s Field Flour being milled before our eyes 10-25-19

Main view of the Baker’s at work and their workspace

Red Table Meats

Red Table Food Bldg ckatt 10-25-19.jpg

Redtable, that is another producer at the FOOD Building, processes and cures their own meats, which can be bought at Kieren’s Kitchen.

Red table ckatt 2

If you are in Minneapolis, Kieren’s Kitchen has a menu that might appeal any day of the year.  It was a great way to celebrate Autumn with my friend Carla.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Wishing you a good week wherever you may be.


Food Building Makers.jpg

The Food Building has a space to cater events CKatt 10-25-19

Spuce Soda Co Minneapolis ckatt 10-25-19

Ginger Beer made by the Spruce Soda Company Minneapolis

Originally posted Oct 26, 2019

What a great way to celebrate any season!

Have a good weekend where ever you are.


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  1. mydangblog says:

    Is rye bread made with rye flour only, ie can I eat it if I can’t have wheat gluten? Looks so good!

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