A Contemplative Life = The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing – A Refrigerator Message

Weeks ago I cleaned off my refrigerator of all but a few items that were held up by various styles of magnets. After opening the refrigerator to see what was on the menu to make…I closed the door and glanced at the side of the refrigerator. There was this typewritten copy of “The Twelve Principals of Attitudinal Healing”. I sat down and read them through. (Say, this is just what I needed to read.)

The paper had been there for years. Where I found it, I couldn’t tell you. However for this post I looked up its origins and provided a link below to the international organization responsible for the principles of attitudinal healing. Let’s dance and sing together! Just follow the music.

There was a shift in the atmosphere inside me. I listened to music, which I hadn’t had the time or patience to do for ages. The rhythm of the music got me to my feet and I went on a cleaning jag in the kitchen.

Enjoying the sounds of music gave me energy, enjoying the cleaning and dancing a few steps as I went, it was clear that music was so much a part of what made me inspired. (How the heck did I forget that?) After cleaning, I took everything out of the refrigerator that I would need for preparing a soup.

Once the soup was started I began to look for a typeface for “The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing.” To make a copy to share with people. I included a photo that my niece made on a recent family vacation of her boys with a friendly local dog, which they named Oreo. I hope my niece doesn’t mind…it seemed to fit in with the day’s message.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Have a good week wherever you may be in this world.


From The Twelve Principals of Attitudinal Healing

From The Twelve Principals of Attitudinal Healing International

About kunstkitchen

Visual artist and writer hunting words, languages, visions, and insight in my kitchen - connecting Art (Kunst) and culture and slow food cooking. Classically trained artist. Paint and draw with traditional materials. Live in the Northland where it's six months of winter. Appreciate the little things in life. Sharing food and art experiences and the lessons that my talented and generous friends have given me.
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10 Responses to A Contemplative Life = The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing – A Refrigerator Message

  1. Priti says:

    Well shared thanks 😊👍

  2. mydangblog says:

    Such beautiful words to live by. Is that photograph one of yours? It’s a perfect accompaniment!

  3. Beautiful articulation of the nondual understanding. What a lovely (re)discovery.


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