Washburn Fair Oaks Park – Minneapolis Statue of George Washington is toppled over by vandals

The George Washington Statue in Washburn Fair Oaks Park Three Days before it was toppled by Vandals – CKatt

Minneapolis park crews assess damage to Washington, Pioneers statues

The culprits toppled the statue of the first president and covered the pioneers monument with anti-colonialist graffiti. 

My photograph above of the George Washington statue was take three days before this happened on November 26, 2020 Thanksgiving Day.


Taking frustration and anger out on statues and monuments is a form of protest. Yes, I understand what motivates these actions. Symbolic acts against the oppressors is a consequence of frustration by the long aggrieved people who have suffered discrimination, rejection and death.

I have experienced aggression and discrimination. I know people who have suffered racial oppression. My friends have dedicated their lives to working for the re-establishment of dignity and equality within the American Society and the world by education and efforts to effectively raise awareness. Where I could lend a hand, I did so.

When I took this photo, the thought crossed my mind: How long it would be until this statue would be defaced or removed? (Three days.)

Every time the worlds treasures were/are destroyed by bombs…I am saddened by what is lost. However, when peoples lives are wiped off the earth by cruelty and bombs, I grieve.

Even as I write this, people are killing each other here in the Twin Cities, the United States, and the world.

What can stop this cycle of aggression and suppression toward each other? Half of us want to help out and the other half want to wipe out people and their culture. History is the story of the endless wars of humans. A chronicle of a never ending cycle is recorded year after year.

May the coming year be a healing year. May people find peace and stability this season. I am grateful to my friends and relations, who sustain my spirit and heart. I believe there is a way forward to living together in peace.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Stay safe wherever you are today.

Peace and Love Rose – CKatt 11-27-2020

We are all in this together.

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