Down By The River = Mississippi River Visit to Saint Anthony Falls

The Mighty Mississippi River is a short drive from where I live.  Since we are now allowed to drive for leisure and the weather on Thursday was sunny, it was a perfect opportunity to go to St Anthony Falls and take a few photos.

The Mississippi River starts in Itasca Minnesota and flows through the US to the Gulf of Mexico through New Orleans. The River is a waterway that brings tons of freight down the river each year to be shipped from New Orleans to the rest of the world.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 10.10.53 AM (1)

St Anthony Falls Map of Visitor Center Location Minneapolis, MN

The wind was strong on the 10th Avenue Bridge. I took some video and you can hear the water’s roar. Nature being harnessed is thrilling to see for me. During the Stay at Home time I longed to see the river again. (Sorry that I can’t share the videos on my blog!)

The falls are named after the Catholic Saint Anthony of Padua. The towns of St. Anthony and Minneapolis, which had developed on the east and west sides of the falls, respectively, merged in 1872 to fully use the power of the falls for milling operations.”

Built: Apron built 1848 ~ Retrieved from Wikipedia; May 8, 2020.
St Anthony Falls Mississippi River Minneapolis#3, MN 5-2020 CKatt
Mississippi River Minneapolis 5-7-2020 CKatt

St Anthony Falls Minneapolis, MN CKatt 5-7-2020

Mississippi River View of Uof MN

Mississippi River View/35W Bridge & The University of Minnesota CKatt 5-7-2020

Main Street MPLS Park 5-7-2020

The Entrance Parkway to the Tenth Avenue Walking Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis , MN CKatt 5-7-2020

There were many people enjoying the weather and walking in the St Anthony Main area and over the 10th Avenue Bridge on Thursday.

Being by water is healthy – positive ions generated by the rushing water, folks, make humans feel better! My Stay at Home breather moments.

Lastly, I share a Memory May 8 , 2011 of San Francisco Bay view from Coit Tower taken during a visit. Here’s hoping we will be able to travel to visit friends once again.


Coit Tower San Francisco Bay View toward the East CKatt 5-8-2011

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

Have a peaceful day wherever you find yourself.

Stay well.

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4 Responses to Down By The River = Mississippi River Visit to Saint Anthony Falls

  1. I can walk to the river. It’s wider, deeper and uglier down here.

  2. Casey says:

    Such a beautiful part of Minneapolis – I especially love it at night! I’m glad you were able to get out and enjoy the weather. Thanks for sharing!

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