Steamed Cod with Leek Sauce = Chef Claus Meyer – New Scandinavian Cooking

Claus Meyer New Scandinavian Cooking

Steamed Cod Fillet

This recipe comes from the Scandinavian Show “New Scandinavian Cooking” Series on PBS. It was some years ago that I watched “A Perfect Day” Series 6, Episode 9 and made this after watching chef Claus Meyer make this dish of Steamed Cod with Leek Sauce. I really liked the results.


Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 ½ lb. cod fillet with skin

2 thick winter leeks

4 oz. butter

2 sprigs thyme

1 lb. whole cod roe

½ cup apple juice

½ cup whipping cream

11-01-19 Leek Sauce w Mustard CKatt

Leek Sauce with Mustard

1 red apple, large

2 tbs. coarse grain mustard

½ cup cider vinegar


Sauce – slice Farmers’ Market leeks, then rinse. Trim the tops and bottom the leeks. Cut the white and the green sections apart.

  • Fine slice the white portion and rough chop the green tops. Wash the white leeks and then the green leeks in lots of cold water. (Leeks hold soil in the inner leaves.)
  • Green portion is for steaming and white portion is for sauce

Cut the Cod into four steaks then salt and pepper both sides let rest

  • Sweat the while leeks slowly with butter – do not caramelize – over low heat add fresh sprigs of thyme. (I used freshly dried thyme), Once the leeks soften add the 1/4  cup of apple cider vinegar and the 1/2 cup of apple juice. Then reduce to half.
  • Add the cream, heat through and
  • At the last minute “mount the sauce with coarse mustard”*, seasoning to taste with salt, pepper and the rest of the vinegar.

Steam Cod:

  • Place butter in a second pan. “Briefly sauté the leek tops in a shallow pot, season with salt and pepper”
  • Place the pieces of cod, skin side up, on top. With a lid on the pot steam the Cod carefully for 5-6 minutes, until the skin peels easily from the cod or cod is flakey. Meanwhile, chop the apple and toss with the last of the cider vinegar.
  • Serve with a winter apple finely cut up**

    11-1-19 Steamed Cod CKatt

    Steamed Cod


* Waited until the cod was done and then added the mustard to the white leek sauce with  thyme. “Mounting the mustard into the sauce” means mixing it in at the end apparently. That is what I could understand from the internet. (I used Dijon mustard.)

** Alternatively I cut up the apple and added it to the leeks sauce. The apple was slightly softened. Very nice addition to the sauce.

My Notes:

Served this dish with some greens. In the original recipe the instructions are included for preparing and serving the Cod roe. This recipe for is geared towards fresh Cod that still has the skin on. My Cod was frozen with no skin on and no roe. I liked the sauce very much, but fresh cod would be the way to go.

11-1-19 2 Steamed Cod ckatt

Steamed Cod & Leek Mustard, Apple Sauce 2019 Ckatt

See the link above for details.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.

We are expecting rain/snow this weekend. Temperature is 20 degrees F Feels like 10 degrees. Okay that’s enough of that!

Have a good weekend wherever you find yourself.



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3 Responses to Steamed Cod with Leek Sauce = Chef Claus Meyer – New Scandinavian Cooking

  1. willedare says:

    I am a big fan of leeks — and this blog post made me salivate while I read it! Thanks for sharing this recipe with the rest of us.

  2. That looks delicious! Great idea to add your own thoughts and experiences on the side. I always feel a need to “adjust” the recipe in some ways.

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