The more it snows…the snow globe Minneapolis – Double Chocolate Almond Joy Cookie Recipe


The Day After another snow storm Minneapolis © Ckatt 3-10-19

Around 4:00 on Saturday afternoon,  the rain and sleet began. I drove to my friends’ house for Saturday nite dinner in the slop. At some intersections there were great pools of water, which I knew would turn to ice rinks the next day.  The picture gives you an idea of how life continues in the Northland. February’s snowfall total set records this year. Cannot wait to see where the total snowfall in March – usually our snowiest month – winds up.

Pictured above is the depth of the snow as it is today. Looking to the first and second trees on the right you may see a car completely covered and behind that car a smaller utility type truck covered in snow. Yes, the sidewalks are already cleared. Thanks to the neighbors who diligently observe the Minneapolis city laws.

The snow began shortly after I arrived at the gathering for dinner. A two week old baby was there and everyone celebrated.

Babies offer a promise of new beginnings and happiness. She’s a pretty, tiny baby. The conversation was all about babies, feedings, weight monitoring and all the practical nuances of caring for s new life. Everyone took turns holding her. Very sweet.

Earlier in the day I made Almond Joy Cookies from a pre-made cookies in a jar recipe given to me at Christmas. It was a small take-home contribution for the celebration.


Double Chocolate Almond Joy Cookies © Ckatt 3-10-19 Ready for the oven


Double Chocolate Almond Joy Cookies © Ckatt 3-10-19

I don’t have the recipe, but found one online for anyone who might be interested in making them at

They were good straight out of the oven. (Taste testing was obligatory.) The recipe link for Double Chocolate Almond Joy Cookies had the detail about time in the oven and cookie sizes. There are two options – 2 tablespoon size and 1 tablespoon size.  I opted for the one tablespoon size. I made 5 packages for the friends of about 8 cookies each. The included jar instructions used 2 beaten eggs and oil combined to add to the pre-made mixture. Adding vanilla as in the online recipe would unify the taste of this cookie.

Thanks to Alicia for the cookie in a jar gift.

Have a brilliant day wherever you may be.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.


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2 Responses to The more it snows…the snow globe Minneapolis – Double Chocolate Almond Joy Cookie Recipe

  1. dawnkinster says:

    Cookie in a jar, what a great gift idea! I hear you about the snow, though you certain beat us here in SE Michigan. Your snow picture at the top is beautiful, but I think we can all agree that we’re way past feeling good about how pretty snow is. It needs to stop. We drove to Ann Arbor (about an hour away) in the rain yesterday afternoon for an evening concert. The drive home was slow as roads had flooded with all the rain. And much of it was freezing. Today there’s wind and 35 degrees, so no fun out there at all. Could use a little sunshine!

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