Minnesota Horse Expo 2017 – Part 2

MNHE Donkey

Donkey Minnesota Horse Expo 2017

To continue with my horse adventure at the Minnesota Horse Expo of 2017, this year had the usual shots that were photo bombed by heads or people walking through the scene, which does happen. Most of the time people are really kind and try to stay out of the frame. It’s Minnesota nice.

Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Drum horses are originally from England and Ireland and were developed for pulling the caravans of the travelers or Roma people. They are bred for temperament, intelligence and beauty.

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The Egyptian Arabian Horse is represented here. There are Polish Arabians, and American Arabian horses. They each have a distinctive look. People also cross the Arabian horse with other breeds. This year was a success for photographing the beauty and elegance of these horses.  They are smaller than many breeds as you can see in the photo. However they have great stamina, intelligence and are liked for endurance racing. It is fun to see the costumes.

If you ever saw the film “The Thirteenth Warrior” there is a scene where the main character is an Arabian scholar, played by Antonio Banderas, who meets up with a group of Vikings, when he sent to be their Ambassador. Banderas character becomes the 13th warrior and travels with them.

This is film is from the book, “Eaters of the Dead”, which is based on two sources according to Michael Crichton’s Appendix in his novel. Source one: is from the 10th Century. “Aḥmad ibn Faḍlān ibn al-ʿAbbās ibn Rāšid ibn Ḥammād, fl.921–22) was a 10th-century Arab traveler, famous for his account of his travels as a member of an embassy of the Abbasid Caliph of Baghdad to the king of the Volga Bulgars, known as his Risala.”; source two: is “Beowulf”*

Early on in the story he shows the Viking’s what an Arabian Horse can do. In the beginning of the film the Vikings teasingly call his Arabian a “dog” because of its size. The Vikings have very large, heavy horses. He responds to this good humored teasing by riding his Arabian horse over a series of obstacles, the action ends with the the Arabian jumping over one of the Vikings and his horse! Absolutely thrilling to see. This short scene is about 12 minutes into the film.

Burros MNHE 2017

Donkey’s with their young handlers at the Minnesota Horse Expo 2017

Minature Horse MNHE 2017

Miniature Horses at the Minnesota horse Expo 2017

White Donkey Baby MNHE 2017

White Donkey Baby Minnesota Horse Expo 2017

The donkeys are so sweet…more photos will be posted.

Have a happy day wherever you may be.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen!

*Information from Wikipedia Retrieved May 8th, 2017.



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