Minnesota Horse Expo 2016 Highlghts = 20 Years

Each April the Minnesota Horse Expo is held on the State Fair Grounds in St Paul Minnesota. Attendees show off the different breeds and horse related paraphernalia, health, feed, education and demonstrations for the horse enthusiast.

Here’s some out takes from this years photos. It began as a way to have photos for painting. The first year that I attended was 1995 and since then I have missed only one year. It’s a great time. This year I attended on Saturday and it was a perfect day. One year it was so cold that my old film camera froze up after the fourth shot. Ha!

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People were in good moods and enjoying the fun. At noon each day, the Parade of Breeds is held. Every year there’s me hanging outside the arena in the waiting area with all the people getting ready to go into the arena to strut their stuff. There’s lots of primping, pride and surprises. The costumes are gorgeous and so are the four legged friends. It was a challenge to keep up with the arrival of the various breeds in order to take photos. As the years went on, it became obvious where to hang out to have better use of the sun for photos, when available. This year, for the first time, there were several very young ladies with very fancy cameras taking photos for a little while. I noticed they wore the same glazed, loving look of young horse lovers.

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Since it’s spring there were a couple of babies. I especially liked the mustangs that were from the Teddy Roosevelt herd. The fella with the big black V shape on his head is called Victory. Unlike Wild Mustangs that are controlled by the BLM, these Mustangs are protected as the area they live in is private. Mustang groups around the US work to save the BLM herds that range the public lands. The controversy about public lands, grazing interests and the once protected American Mustang is ongoing.

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The Minnesota Horse Expo is a fun family event! Pony rides for the kids and lots of fine horses that you can see up close.

Last, but not least, are photos of Guy McLean from Australia, a horse trainer and entertainer. He does a demonstration of training and using “at liberty” horses. Guy removes his horses’ halters in the arena, for an hour, he talks about his training while demonstrating.  It’s really impressive what he can do with his horses. You may notice that horses keep their eye on him when he is hugging the other horse. This horse would never let him touch him in this way, when he first worked with him.

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That was part of my day at the Minnesota Horse Expo.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen!  New fridge has arrived. I’m getting used to it.

Have a great week.

Adios amigos!


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9 Responses to Minnesota Horse Expo 2016 Highlghts = 20 Years

  1. Beautiful horses. Riders Too! 📮

  2. carmel says:

    Hi I was wondering if you got any pictures of a black half Arabian ?

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