Recipe for Mackerel Tart = Taart Makreel or Going Dutch – A Trip to Curacao

This recipe for mackerel tart comes form Sabina Posthumus of Sabina Kookt in the Netherlands. Sabina is generous enough to give me her permission to translate her recipe into English and share on my blog along with her photo of the tart.  (Thank you, dear Sabina)

Her mum, Sabina and I recently met up  to visit her sister’s family on the island of Curacao. The weather there hovers around 9o degrees F.  There are lovely flowers, birds, cactus plants, iguanas and fish to enjoy. People speak Dutch, Papiamento, Spanish and English. It is a beautiful, if not exotic place to visit. I enjoyed being there on vacation very much.

Sabina posted this easy recipe on SabinaKookt! back in 2009, when she made it into tartlets. At that time I was able to find smoked mackerel at the local co-op.  Since then I have made it once with smoked trout as smoked mackerel is not to be found in my usual suppliers. Mackerel is a generic name for a group of fish

This last tart is made with canned mackerel that was unearthed somewhere in Minneapolis. Trader Joe’s? Lunds/Beyerlys?

Recipe for Smoked Mackerel tart with leeks from Sabina. Recept voor

prei-makreel-taartje from Sabina Kookt with permission Markerel and Leek Tart

prei-makreel-taartje from Sabina Kookt with permission
Markerel and Leek Tartlets


  • halve gerookte makreel
  • one half of a smoked mackerel
  • 4 plakjes bladerdeeg
  • 4 pieces of puff pastry dough
  • kleine prei
  • a small leek
  • zachte kruidenkaas (zoals Boursin of iets anders lekkers)
  • 4-5 ounces – one package soft style cheese like Boursin with herbs (President brand comes in larger package)
  • 2 eieren
  • 2 eggs
  • scheutje melk
  • some milk
  • some pepper

Ontdooi het bladerdeeg. Leg in ieder vormpje een plakje en druk het goed aan. Snij het deeg bij de randjes af.

Defrost the dough, if frozen.  Lay it in each pan and trim extra dough off the edges.

Pulk de gerookte makreel uit elkaar. Zorg dat er geen graatjes meer inzitten. Het vel kun je aan de kat geven.

Cut the mackerel in half, pull it apart into small pieces, make sure there are no bones. Take the skin off and give it to the cat.

Doe de plukjes makreel in de deegvormpjes. Leg er klontjes kruidenkaas tussen: dat gaat het makkelijkst door met twee lepels kleine bolletjes uit het bakje te scheppen.

Place the pieces of mackerel in the small pans on the dough and place teaspoons full of soft herb cheese between the makerel. *

That is easiest to do with 2 teaspoons to scoop the small balls out of the package.

Snij de prei in dunne ringetjes. Verdeel die over de taartjes.

Slice the leeks into very thin rings. Then spread them over the mackerel and cheese filling.

Klop de eieren los met een beetje melk. Doe er wat peper door. Schenk het eimengsel over de taartjes.

Beat the eggs with a little milk and some pepper. Pour the mixture over the filling.

Zet de prei-makreeltaartjes 20 minuten in een voorverwarmde oven op 180 graden.

Cook for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Pan for small sized pans. 

Je kunt met dezelfde ingredienten een quiche maken met makreel en kruidenkaas. De oventijd is dan ongeveer 3 kwartier. Pas op dat de prei niet verbrandt.

*You can make quiche with the same ingredients – mackerel and soft herb cheese. Bake for 45 minutes. Check that the leeks don’t burn.  For a one-quiche pan recipe I followed the same directions as written above. 

I used herb goat cheese – 5 ounces/142 grams from Trader Joe’s or Aldi stores. From the grocery store I used packaged puff pastry dough and followed the package directions on how to handle. Carefully placed it in the quiche pan trimmed and filled in where I was missing pieces. (Rectangular shape in a round pan – improvise!)

If you are familiar with making a quiche you can add the milk with confidence. I added the milk slowly – too much will make it soupy and slow to bake.

Lunch at Mundo Bizzaro in Pietermaai District of Curacao – charming, fun, nice food, and a relaxing atmosphere. What more could one ask for anyway?

P1050104 P1050091

View of Cafe Mundo Bizzaro in Curacao Petermaai District September  2015

View of Cafe Mundo Bizzaro in Curacao Petermaai District September 2015

12 Nieuwstraat, Willwmstad, Curacao
+599 9 461 6767

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6 Responses to Recipe for Mackerel Tart = Taart Makreel or Going Dutch – A Trip to Curacao

  1. I’m glad you stopped by, and it was fun to catch up with your summer. I’ve been in SD and missing the twin cities! We had a little haze from the fires here, but nothing like your photos from Duluth! Wow! The Freesian horse is drop dead gorgeous!

    • kunstkitchen says:

      When are you back in Minneapolis? I’d like to see if we can meet like my friends from Fiesta Friday in Britain have done? Are you interested? Do you know any other food bloggers from the Twin Cities?

      • Wouldn’t that be fun! I have tried to look up some bloggers and found there used to be a pretty robust group of people years ago that met, but I think no one has ever kept up with it. I run into some people online every now and then from the twin cities but I think it would be so much fun to think about this! I’m going to be back soon for Dr’s appts, but have a pretty full schedule. My plan is to go back and forth more often….

      • kunstkitchen says:

        Well, let me know if you ever can work in meeting or find more people? It would be fun.

      • I think so too! How about you? Have you been running into MN food bloggers?

      • kunstkitchen says:

        Sorry to reply so late! There was one, but she disappeared.

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