Lyndale Farmers’ Market In Full Swing – Summer Has Arrived – Peach Clafoutis Recipe


Minneapolis June 21, 2015 Sunday, Father’s Day, and Lyndale Farmers’ Market Day.  I bought lettuce, fresh picked strawberries, and parsley for a salad I’ll be bringing to dinner. There are plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables. Everything is so appealing. The rain has changed the drought conditions in Minnesota, for which I am sure the farmers are grateful as I am for the beautiful produce. The blog that inspired me to try this Cherry Clafoutis Recipe is lapetitepaniere who is a regular contributor to Fiesta Friday. Her recipe is in metric measurements and she talks about using icing sugar (Not sure what that is.) Also revealed is that the real French way is to leave the pits in the cherries for the flavor. Now that’s a great idea. Another blog showed a clever way on how to pit cherries by using a wine bottle. (Time consuming.) I made Julia Child’s Cherry Clafoutis Recipe by JuleSong, which was very easy!  Get out your blender and it’s done.  Of course there is the fruit fiddling around, but I opted for peaches and waited until they were ripe enough to have some sweetness. Here’s my hastily written copy of the Cherry Clafoutis Recipe.

Suggestion: Click on either link for the recipe. I wouldn’t want anyone to go cross-eyed trying to read my directions.   Note: I left out the blender part of the order of preparation.

  1. “Using a blender, combine the milk, 1/3 cup sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt and flour, and blend.”

I used organic pure cane sugar and it was very sweet the first day. It is not very aesthetic with peaches either. (And…There’s the uneven temp in the stove…)  It makes sense to use cherries because they are not as sweet.  Clafoutis may be served for dessert or breakfast.  As an experiment it was an easy recipe.

Fiesta Friday #73 is hosted by co-hosts, Michelle @Giraffes Can Bake and Juju @ cookingwithauntjuju. Check out all the party recipes from all around the globe. Happy Funday Sunday!

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6 Responses to Lyndale Farmers’ Market In Full Swing – Summer Has Arrived – Peach Clafoutis Recipe

  1. Your farmer’s market looks awesome, we don’t really have one round here and it makes me sad 😦 They’re the best place to get produce and so much fun to browse!

    The recipe sounds super yummy too!

    Oh and icing sugar is what we call confectioners/powdered sugar in Europe 😀

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Fiesta Friday!

  2. I wish our Farmer’s Market was open on Sunday, just Saturday and Wednesday. I’m not so sure about leaving the pits in the cherries but the recipe sounds delicious – love Julia Child! Thanks for sharing with Angie and Fiesta Friday #73 🙂

    • kunstkitchen says:

      There are farmers’ markets all over the neighborhoods here. It’s great. It’s cherry season. I am not so sure about the pits either. I’d go for taking the pits out.

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