Cod Cooked in Milk – Comfort Food + Pictures from New England #4

Comfort Food

Cod Cooked in Milk

Cod Cooked in Milk

A short article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that comfort food is not the comforting boost for the brain that we think it is. Okay, all that salt, sugar and fat gives the brain a temporary boost. Researchers at the University of Minnesota did a study for NASA to see how to improve the mood of astronauts. Psychology professor Traci Mann says the high fat, sugar and salt of comfort food “activates the brains reward system”. Professor Mann wrote an article in the journal “Health Psychology” her conclusion is that even without the food soothe, a person’s “mood will probably bounce back”.

“Food May Not be Such a Comfort After All”; Minneapolis Star and Tribune: Science and Health Section; December 21, 2014: page SH2

“Fat makes us feel good.” A scientist once told me. Yes, I really get that. Personally a nice Klondike Bar gets feeling me right as rain, even when it’s below zero. This recipe for fish cooked in milk will make me feel good.

So for 2015, it’s back to basics. Here’s a fish recipe for the fish lovers in the crowd. I found this on retrieved January 4, 2015. It’s not my recipe. All the credit goes to:

Submitted by David on 13 April 2009 From London, UK on Great Grub.

David says his Mom fixed this meal for a big family.

Sounded very quick and easy to me. This is David’s take reproduced below. He makes suggestions adding the reminder to not overcook this.   I am adapting this recipe by making rice with my fish and peas. Peas go with fish in my memory. Using onion and basil, salt and pepper in the sauce. Click the link above for the full story.



“Boneless white fish fillets, whatever is chunky, flaky and fresh



Some things of your choice to flavor the poaching liquor

(I might use a bay leaf, half an onion, sliced, a few peppercorns)


A big pan with a lid

A sieve


  1. Pour a pint or so of milk (enough for your fish to be half covered but not submerged) into your pan and add a bay leaf, some peppercorns, some onion… whatever you fancy. Bring it to the boil and reduce to a very low simmer.
  2. Season the fish with salt and lay gently in the milk.
  3. Cover and poach for maybe five minutes or until the fish flakes easily. Spoon some of the milk liquor over the fish to finish off the cooking if it needs it. Don’t over-cook it.
  4. Remove the fish and place on a big heap of mash potatoes.
  5. Meanwhile, pass the liquor through a sieve into a pan, reduce a bit and add chopped parsley and as much butter as your arteries can bear.
  6. Taste, season if necessary and pour over the fish and make sure plenty of sauce is floating around the plate.
  7. Serve with peas.”

I used grass fed cow milk for the fish broth recipe. Perfectly cooked it is  a completely delightful meal.

Plated Milk Cooked Cod, Rice and Peas

Plated Milk Cooked Cod, Rice and Peas

Here are a few more trip photos from Connecticut and Maine from the summer. These are from Southern Maine. It is a reminder of sweeter days while it’s below zero outside in January in Minnesota.

All Saints - by - the - Sea Southport Maine Episcopal Church

All Saints – by – the – Sea Southport Maine  Episcopal Church

Bet's Fish Place southport Maine

Bet’s Fish Place Southport Maine

Bet's Fish Place 2

Bet’s Fish Place Line up

Bet's Fish Fry - Free Beer Sign

Bet’s Fish Fry – Free Beer Sign

Monarch Butterfly Maine

Monarch Butterfly Boothbay Maine

Hot Fat Fish Shack on Monehegan Island Maine

Hot Fat Fish Shack on Monehegan Island Maine

The Hot Fat chef at work

The Hot Fat chef at work

A fresh pollack wrap from Hot Fat with Chef's special sauce

A fresh pollack wrap from Hot Fat with Chef’s special sauce

Old dinghy on Monehegan Island

Old dinghy on Monehegan Island

Monehegan Island Maine Village View From Above

Monehegan Island Maine Village View From Above


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9 Responses to Cod Cooked in Milk – Comfort Food + Pictures from New England #4

  1. I have never cooked fish in milk before – sounds simple and good 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    I used to cook cod like this all the time! After it had poached, I’d use the milk to make parsley sauce to go with the fish. It was often served with boiled potatoes and carrots. It was, for me, the perfect combination. :).

  3. cecilia says:

    Hot Fat! Fantastic.. great easy fish dish.. c

  4. Hi, I noticed you’d stopped by my blog and clicked back to you – how nice to find another Twin Cities Blogger! I’m a bit pressed for time right now, but looking forward to exploring more. I suspected comfort food may not always be such a comfort – and I notice they didn’t mention the guilt factor as a fall out afterwards! 🙂

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