Waffles in Sweden = Väfflor + Waffle Recipes & Views of Malmo’s Turning Torso

I had breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Edina Minnesota for the first time a few days ago. My friend Jo has just retired from a long and successful teaching career.  We worked together and I subbed for her last year in her Social Studies Classes. We always have a lot to talk about. As it happened, at the pancake house, there are so many choices. When I saw the Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberries and sour cream, I had to try some. They were very good pancakes. Shaped like large thin free form crepes, they were light and melted in my mouth. Waffles were another option, which brought up my experience with eating waffles in Sweden, which is a most beautiful country to see.

My dear friends Vivi-Anne and her husband, Sjoerd live in southern Sweden. We became friends many years ago in Friesland, The Netherlands where we studied Dutch together.

We met on the first day of school in class. After class, she showed me her classic Volvo Amazon car. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw it. I grew-up with classic car lovers in my family. I admire a good classic car. Vivi-Anne and I are friends to this day.

My first trip to Sweden was a magical and fascinating trip. I took many photos and enjoyed seeing many parts of southern and Western Sweden. On one of the outings, we went to what we might call a waffle house. In Swedish, the place was called Vafflor. There I had a waffle with Cloudberry jam. This was a completely charming place nestled into a little hillside. There were lovely wooden floors, simple tables and great heart-shaped waffles. I was seated inside right under the ‘OR’ with a view of the gardens.

Waffle House in Sweden © CKatt

Waffle House in Sweden © CKatt

The gravel path you see wound around above and to the left where tables and chairs were set up in nooks of the garden for people to eat out-of-doors. (I imagined the wait staff running up and down the stairs and paths on a summery day!)

Waffle House © CKatt

Waffle House © CKatt

http://www.visitsweden.com/sweden/Things-to-do/Swedish-Lifestyle/Swedish-traditions/Waffles-Day/ Retrieved July 2, 2014. This is a link to a Swedish waffle recipe and more about Sweden: The land of cream and butter cooking.

 Here’s a traditional Recipe from “The Best of Swedish Cooking and Baking” By Marianne Grönwall van der Tuuk; Rand McNally & Company; 1969

Swedish Crisp Cream Waffles Recipe

Makes about 8 waffles


1¾ cups heavy cream

1½ cups sifted cake flour

½ cup ice water

3 tablespoons melted butter or margarine

1 teaspoon vanilla

½ teaspoon salt

♥ ♥ 

The Method

Beat the cream until stiff. Sift in flour; add ice water, blend well. Fold in Melted butter, vanilla and salt.

Bake in preheated waffle maker on medium heat. Use about ½ cup of batter for each batch and bake until golden brown.

If waffle iron has not been used for a long time, brush it with melted shortening; otherwise this is not necessary. NOTE: Other recipes say to brush the waffle iron with butter or combination of butter and canola oil.

Serve immediately sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, or with jam.  ♥ Note: Also can be served with sour cream or creme fraiche, caviar and small shrimp. (Now y’er talkin’.)

turning Tower-R1-023-10

Turning Tower Malmo Sweden © CKatt

Turning Tower Malmo Sweden © CKatt

Visit To Malmo Sweden

Later during my visit, Vivi- Anne and her two children took me to Malmo city where I took some photos of the “The Turning Torso”. http://www.turningtorso.se/ Retrieved July 2, 2014.

Tuming Tor 2-R1-021-9

Turning Tower Malmo Sweden © CKatt


Its architectural concept and completed building were pretty amazing to see! At the time I visited, I learned there was trouble with leaks, but hey, it was truly amazing. “The Twisting Torso” another name it is known by, is touted as the highest building in Scandinavia.

The area around the tower is built along a canal. I was so taken with the architecture of the area. (Why don’t I live here? I thought.) The photos were taken with a film camera and Fuji film, which always goes to the blue spectrum.

turing tor infinity-R1-019-8

Turning Tower Infinity Pool View Malmo Sweden © CKatt

Turning Tower Infinity Pool View Malmo Sweden © CKatt

Houses on the canal across from the Turning Tower

Houses on the canal across from the Turning Tower © CKatt

Houses on the canal across from the Turning Tower © CKatt

Houses on the canal across from the Turning Tower © CKatt

The family © CKatt

The family © CKatt

The children were so frightened by the tower’s height. They suffered a kind of panic thinking it was going to fall down. No reassurance from me would take away their fears. Their life in the country away from any big cities with tall buildings had not prepared them for the view.  Well, understandably this particularly tall building kind of gives the sense of reverse vertigo.

It still is magnificent. You can rent an apartment there. $$$$



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