Eat Wild Website = Healthy Milk and Eats: Where To Find Them?

It’s all about what the cow eats.  The good news is you can find local resources.

Saturday Update: As promised on Thursday, in this article, I went to the St Paul’s Farmers’ Market this morning to buy Cedar Summit Milk.  I have tasted the milk and it is not homogenized (Remember to shake it before you drink it.)  It tastes smooth and mild. I bought the 2%.  The milk is available at the Twin Cities Co-ops and Whole Foods in bottles or cartons.  

cedar Summit Farms

Usually I write about recipes with slow food in mind.  In this short article my theme is finding healthy resources for milk, cheese and meats, to use in my recipes.  This is because, in my humble opinion, the quality of our food has a lasting effect on our health, the environment and, in some deep way, on our future.

Recently I read an article about Jersey cows producing healthier milk than Holsteins.  If you are a milk drinker, as I am, you may want to have better quality milk for yourself and family.  Milk provides the healthy fats in your diet of Omega 3s and CLAs – conjugated linoleic acid*.  Both of these are essential to human health.  (From what I understand, the American diet is sadly deficient in these healthy nutrition components found in milk. )  This milk is from grass-fed cows.  Since I live in and next to two great dairy producing states, I thought I’d look up who produces the grass fed milk and where I can purchase it.

*(See the EAT WILD Getting Nutrition from Modern Food website for CLA and Omega 3 benefits in the footnote at the bottom of the article.  Also a second link is provided to an article that explains the science of the cows that produce better milk.)

The EatWild: Getting Nutrition from Modern Foods website has a state by state listing of farms who have grass fed animals and are producers of milk, cheese and meats. According to Eat Wild’s site there are very few grass-fed only dairies in the USA.  Grass or forage feeding includes clover and alfalfa.  The draw back is the cows produce less milk on a “green” diet and milk production goes way down in winter.  These farmers focus on the quality of their products, which makes the milk more expensive to buy.

Here’s what I found: Retrieved June 18, 2014.  Note: when opened, at the bottom of this link, are links to the individual states that shows a map and lists all the farms in the state with details of who they are and what they produce, plus how to contact them.  This includes Canada and a few international producers.

EatWild has a wealth of information, books, links to scientific articles about health benefits and comparison charts related to that.  It was easy to find the dairy in my state of Minnesota, which is Cedar Summit Farm of New Prague

Here’s Natalie and Josh Kelly who represent Cedar Summit Farm at the St Paul Farmer’s Market.

Natalie and Josh Kelly at the St Paul Farmers' Market © CKatt June 2014

Natalie and Josh Kelly at the St Paul Farmers’ Market © CKatt June 2014

They were very helpful.  They are the nice folks who deliver the online orders from local farmers to six locations in the Twin Cities all year long.  They work in conjunction with local farmers to bring the local to your table.

See: Retrieved June 21, 2014.

They supply “seasonal produce, grass-fed meats, dairy, grains, oils artisan goods and more.” Check out the website where you can order farm fresh products!

♣ ♣ ♣ 

Cedar Summit Farms sells their Products in the Twin Cities Co-ops and Whole Foods, which is an easy way for city folk to enjoy the benefits of wholesome foods.  From Wisconsin, there is Love Tree Farmstead, who sell on Saturdays at the St Paul Farmer’s Market in the Lowertown neighborhood.  I did not find Love Tree Farm at the St Paul Farmers’ Market.  Maybe I missed them.  I did see a pork and chicken supplier, buffalo meat and wool pillows!

TwincitiesLocalFoods .com © CKatt 2014 © CKatt 2014


My plan is to go to the St Paul Farmers’ Market this Saturday to buy some veggies, milk and cheese. Mission accomplished. 

Last time I was there I saw some famous food people walking around – first Anthony Bourdain (He’s a tall person) and later the local foodie, Andrew Zimmern. (Really.)

Eat Wild is a ten year old web resource, which is adding information on where to buy fruits and vegetables as well. This is more good news for consumers who care about where and how there food is produced.

*; EAT Wild; Robinson, Jo “Super Natural Milk”; Retrieved June 18, 2014.

Minnesota Farms that produce grass fed animals and animal products as of  June 2014

Minnesota Farms that produce grass fed animals and animal products as of June 2014 example only EatWild

Image resourced as an example and not owned by me is from EatWild Retrieved June 19, 2014.

Here’s an article on cow’s milk and Jersey cows, for educational purposes, from Snowville Creamery in Illinois.

à votre santé!  To your good health.

St Paul Farmers' Market © CKatt 2014

St Paul Farmers’ Market © CKatt 2014

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  1. Thanks – I live in Michigan and I will check out the state link 🙂

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