Pass the Gouda Please = Vitamin K2 is good for you

Wednesday the Doctor Oz show had a segment on vitamin K2 and its effectiveness against cancer that caught my attention. The Doctor Oz Show has some interesting alternative ideas. Usually I write about recipes and food ideas.  When I heard the doctor who was speaking talk about Gouda cheese, I was surprised by the research that showed that Gouda cheese has vitamin K and that vitamin K2 is made during the processing of the cheese.  Vitamin K2 helps prevent cancer cells from growing.  “These cheeses contain menaquinone, a special form of vitamin K, known as vitamin K2, that inhibits cancer growth.” Retrieved from Dr. Oz Show August 31, 2011

Gouda Cheese

Hard cheeses like Gouda, Jarlsberg’s and Edam use bacteria for fermentation, which creates vitamin K2. These happen to be my favorite cheeses.  Oh, the best part for me was that K2 helps to protect the heart against hardening of the arteries and lung cancer.  Recommended by the guest doctor is eating two slices a day. (And I thought I would have to give it up to cut my cholesterol, maybe not?) Gouda and Edam cheeses are from the Netherlands.  Jarlsberg cheese is from Norway.

I had Sabina try Jarlsberg cheese and she said it was like Edam, if I remember correctly.  I learned about the hard cheese when I lived in the Netherlands.  The Dutch eat cheese for breakfast on bread with butter or a type of rye crisp with a cup of tea.  It’s an acquired taste.

Jarlsberg Cheese

Several people I know are battling different kinds of cancer.  My heart goes out to them.

To read the full article by William W. Li, M.D. President and Medical Director, The Angiogenesis Foundation click this link:

Gouda Cheese from Recipe tips:

“A variety of cheese made from cow’s milk that ranges in flavor from mild to sharp depending upon the age of the cheese. When young, the texture of the cheese is soft and is formed into wheel shapes of up to 25 pounds. Gouda that is to be aged is covered in a yellow wax coating. As it ages the texture hardens and becomes dark ivory or caramel colored, at which point the flavor intensifies, tasting much like cheddar. Baby Gouda, which is very mild in flavor, is usually sold in rounds weighing about a pound and covered in a red wax coating. Occasionally, Gouda is flavored with cumin or various herbs. Gouda is often served with dark-grained breads and full bodied red wines.” Retrieved on  September 2, 2011,–33720/gouda-cheese.asp





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  1. Tamara Kulish says:

    I love Gouda cheese! Thanks for the information about this!!


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