Irish Stew – It Is Still Winter in The Northland

It rained most of last night.  That’s Minnesota weather, don’t like it, wait a minute.  The radio announcer said that the temperature was going to 33˚F. “Most people would think ‘That’s cold!’ but for us, that’s warm.” (I call that jacket weather.)

Any who…the weather people are reporting another storm brewing somewhere to the west of us.  You may be enjoying trees and crocus blossoming in other parts of the world, but I am thinking about Irish stew to warm the remaining wintery evenings in my part of the world.

Years ago, I watched a friend make Irish stew with beef.  For my stew I bought lamb. Lamb is hard to find in the grocery store.  Around St. Paddy’s Day I looked for some to make a ‘bit o’ stew’.  I asked the butcher if they had any lamb. He showed me where it would be, but there was none to be had.  Last week, I hit the store and found some.  It was expensive, but worth the price.

Here’s the easy straightforward recipe from the Betty Crocker International Cookbook on page 162.  (Right next to the pizza dough recipe on the same page.)

There are many stew recipes, but this is close to what I remember

Irish Stew Recipe

6 servings

2 pounds lamb boneless neck or shoulder

6 medium potatoes (about 2 pounds)

3 medium onions, Sliced

2 teaspoons of salt

½ teaspoon of pepper

2 cups of water

Snipped parsley

Trim fat from lamb; cut lamb into 1-inch cubes. Cut potatoes into ½ inch slices. Cut onions into large slices; Layer half each of the lamb, potatoes and onions in Dutch oven salt and pepper. Repeat add water.

Heat to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer until lamb is tender, 1½ to 2 hours. Skim the fat from the broth (see Note). Sprinkle with parsley. Serve in bowls.

Note: To remove fat easily, prepare stew the day before, cover and refrigerate. Remove fat before reheating.

My recipe had carrots too.  When it was done I added some more pepper. Then put it in the refrigerator and served it up the next day after skimming what little fat there was.  The lamb was delicious.

I feel warmer just remembering it.

About kunstkitchen

Visual artist and writer hunting words, languages, visions, and insight in my kitchen - connecting Art (Kunst) and culture and slow food cooking. Credits: Do not own a microwave oven and never have. Do not own a food processor. Chopped veggies in a Zen monastery for a weekend. (Seriously) Classically trained artist. Paint and draw with traditional materials. Live in the Northland where it's six months of winter. Appreciate the little things in life. Sharing food and art experiences and the lessons that my talented and generous friends have given me.
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